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Defeat 2x Type Zero in the Under Saucer Beast Battleground with special tactics – FF7R

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 10.03.2024 17:50 Uhr
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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth features the so-called Beast Battleground, which lets us take on nasty opponents in challenging one-on-one battles.

While the Sylkis Cup is still quite easy, it’s the second cup that causes us problems. After the Sylkis Cup final, you unlock three more battles with the motto: “All hell is breaking loose in the bunker!”

And that is literally the case. In the final battle: All hell breaks loose in the bunker: raison d’être, we fight not just one Test Zero, but two of the super heavy specimens.

But how can I defeat this enemy face to face with just one character? With our solution, you’re guaranteed to succeed.

Where can I find the Beast Bunker in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Where is the beast bunker? If you haven’t visited the Beast Battleground yet or have overlooked it in some way, I’ll include the location of the beast bunker here. It is located in Under Saucer in the Corel region.

© Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

When you spawn at the fast travel point, run straight to the right directly after the entrance and then drop into the large hole. A little further up the pipe you will find the colleague who organizes the fights here.

Why should I fight the battle?

Now we first have to complete the Sylkis Cup to unlock the battles in “All hell is breaking loose in the bunker”. And for the last fight, you first have to complete Explosive Mood. But is it worth all the effort?

If you are looking for all trophies for Johnny’s Collection and want to get Johnny’s Treasure chest, you have to fight the last battle in this cup. This is the only way to get the coveted trophy to complete the collection.

This is going to be a fight! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

All hell is breaking loose in the bunker!

Not only is all hell breaking loose in the bunker, but the dogs are on the loose too! And what beasts they are. It’s Rufus’ dog with the name Type Null.

But for the first time in Final Fantasy 7, we fight two of these terror beasts single-handedly, which requires a special strategy. Without a good strategy, we are doomed. You can try it with many characters, but only this one approach worked for us.

Small note: It’s particularly funny that it says it’s a level 34 fight. But even at level 40, we had great problems defeating the type zero with all characters until we finally came up with the brilliant idea.

The right preparation is everything!

The premise is that we can only send one solo character into the race. Okay, fine. At first I had the idea of using Cait Sith. Kupo. Let him tank and then fire from a distance? You can forget that. Cait is simply too weak and the Type Zero are so incredibly fast that the idea doesn’t work.

The only lady we have success with here is Yuffie. Yuffie alone can match the speed of Type Zero. Unfortunately, Red XIII can’t get close enough to the beasts.

So let’s prepare Yuffie for the fight. Pack the following:

  • 4-Pointed Shuriken with weapon skills:
    • Shuriken Master: Extends the flight duration by 25 seconds.
    • TP maximum + 200
    • Weapon skills + 5%
  • Crocodile bracelet + (or similar)
  • Important materia:
    • TP boost min. 15%
    • Healing min. Vitra
    • Ember min. feura
    • You combine embers with amplification (hits several targets simultaneously)
Shuriken Master serves us in the fight against the two “Type Zero” monsters. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

The remaining Materia should strengthen Yuffie, but in the end you won’t need more skills in battle.

Master weapon skills!

You should have already collected all the weapons that Yuffie can have up to this point and have learned the relevant skill so that you can access several of Yuffie’s weapon skills during the fight. This is essential for the fight, as you need two skills in particular.

Out of the blue: Yuffie can free herself when a Type Zero throws her to the ground and incapacitates her. Activate this skill and she will immediately start shooting again.

Multiplication: With this ability, Yuffie can multiply herself, which doubles her damage.

Let the fighting begin!

Procedure in combat

Now the actual fight against the two Test Zero monsters begins. Immediately after the fight has started, you must throw the throwing star at the Test Zero and immediately try to get ATB charges. Multiply yourself with multiplication and then immediately equip the flame ninjutsu.

Flame ninjutsu is our best friend. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

The aim of our strategy is to work on both Type Zero at the same time by always hitting both enemies at once with Glut. That’s what amplification is for (all-substance in the original). And yet we have to attack and eliminate one first. Pick one!

Type Zero has a weakness

With the ember substance, we immediately exploit the fire weakness of Type Zero. So never skimp on Feura here if you have ATB bars, but always keep an ATB charge in stock for the release with Out of the Blue.

If you are caught, ignite immediately! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

The problem is that both will attack you if one of them has you down. You must always prevent this, otherwise the opponents will deal too much damage.

Pick up battle perks!

During the battle, you will see brightly glowing orbs spawning all over the battlefield. You should always collect these, otherwise they will buff Type Zero very heavily.

Such a buff should therefore be given to Yuffie. Here are the following status changes:

  • The blue ball protests (shield)
  • The green ball gives Regena (healing over time)
  • The yellow ball gives Ener (strengthens your attack)

Basically, these are all buffs that Yuffie can make good use of during the fight. Healing is never a bad thing, Protes helps directly against the monsters’ massive damage and Ener also benefits us if we strengthen the basic attack.

Tips for the fight

Why is only Yuffie suitable for this fight? In my opinion, she’s the best choice because she’s super agile and almost always hits from a distance. Unfortunately, Barret is too sluggish for the fast attackers. Yuffie, on the other hand, even hits the Type Zero when she herself is evading, as the throwing star circles around the dogs.

Once you have activated all the basic abilities for the fight, it’s time to fire from all cylinders. Only stop to collect the perks and be sure to block the attacks; dodging is rarely successful.

Always heal in time! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

Concentrate on one Type Zero zero, but keep an eye on the other. In the end, we work on both at the same time. But one of them will inevitably be shocked first. That’s the one you’ve been attacking with the flame ninjutsu the whole time.

When this happens, immediately deal as much damage as possible. Then use Yuffie’s abilities and, if possible, her limit attack for maximum Dmg output.

Final words on the Type Zero

Type Zero A and Type Zero B in the combo pack are extremely difficult to defeat, even at higher levels. But this strategy is guaranteed to work.

What you should always pay attention to during the battle is healing. This is actually a matter of course, but it is often forgotten in the heat of battle. When Yuffie has half her health, you should immediately ignite a Vitra for full healing.

That way, we don’t run the risk of getting anywhere near a life-threatening HP zero point.

I hope this guide has helped you a little. I really tried all the characters and was only successful with Yuffie and this approach.

If I was able to help you, please write it in the comments and if you have any further questions, please come back to

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