Catching Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy – Locations and Catching Techniques

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 13.02.2023 16:23 Uhr
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In Hogwarts Legacy there are many magical beasts hiding in the highlands. They are extremely valuable and therefore for the most part not that easy to find and catch.

But don’t worry: in this solution guide you will find out what the magical Diricawl is all about and how you can easily catch it.

If you have any more questions about the game, please take a look at our walkthrough. Here are all the solutions that could cause you problems!

What is a Diricawl?

A Diricawl is a mythical creature from the Wizarding World, the world behind Harry Potter. It is a bird with downy feathers that has no ability to fly.

However, the Diricawl has another powerful ability. The creature can transport itself to another location via its feather puff, similar to the phoenix.

Where can I find a Diricawl?

In “Hogwarts Legacy,” the Diricawl creatures hide scattered throughout the highlands. First look at the following positions. You should definitely find one of the funny people here. But if you spot them, approach carefully!

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The best place to spawn is at the fort in the Western Valley of Hogwarts. From there it’s just a stone’s throw to the southeast. The diricawl building is located at the upper end of the ruins.

How can I catch Diricawl easily?

There is a special twist with the magical beasts in “Hogwarts Legacy”. They are different from traditional in-game collectibles that you can simply pick up. You first have to see how you can catch the Diricawl.

The teleport ability makes the Diricawl particularly difficult to catch. But no worry. We have developed a strategy to help you catch it easily.

They are difficult to recognize at first glance. © Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

The Arresto Momentum spell greatly delays the Diricawl’s ability. This means you can fully charge all four bars before the bird can move again (or relatively close to the end of the spell).

That offers enough time. You can also try the spell Levioso. This means that the animals are trapped in the air for a relatively long time, but if the worst comes to the worst, a second spell of the same type is required.

Arresto Momentum would be good for the Diricawl. © Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

For more help, please follow us on social media. At this point you will find out how you can catch a Hippogriff. And here we explain to you what the mysterious Thestrals are all about.

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