Catching and breeding Hippogriffs in Hogwarts Legacy – Solution

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 23.02.2023 18:20 Uhr
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The Wizarding World, the “Harry Potter” universe, is bursting with fantastic creatures. And surprise: we can even play some of them in the action RPG Hogwarts Legacy. They serve as our mounts!

What is a Hippogriff?

Among them is the hippogriff (hippogryph), a mythical creature with a horse’s body and a griffin’s head, which certainly cuts a fine figure as a mount. We know it from books and movies.

Are there hippogriffs in the books? Yes, the hybrid creature appears in the books and films. In third grade, Hagrid teaches hippogriff-friendly behavior, which leads to an incident. The hippogriff Buckbeak is finally to be executed, but Harry Potter and Hermione Granger manage to prevent this.

Buckbeak is definitely the most famous hippogriff we know from the Harry Potter universe. But can you think of any others? Feel free to write it in the comments below!

Hippogriff as a mount in Hogwarts Legacy

But what do we have to do to unlock a Hippogriff so that we can summon it to fly? In this solution you will learn everything about the coveted flying creature.

What can the hippogriff mount do? You can ride this magical creature – and even more importantly, you can fly. With a hippogriff, you’ll be whizzing through the air in no time at all. Take a look here.

The extremely impressive creature soars through the skies above Hogwarts with us as a wizard.

Hippogriff - Mounts in Hogwarts Legacy
With a hippogriff over Hogwarts? Simply magical! © Warner Bros./PlayCentral montage

So with a hippogriff you can do without the old broom, a hippogriff definitely cuts a chicer figure! Especially as the animals come in different colors: are we spoilt for choice? Partly yes, partly no.

How can I unlock a Hippogriff?

There are several ways to unlock a Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy. And the corresponding colors are also linked to this.

How do I unlock the Onyx Hippogriff? We can get one of the flying companions by pre-ordering the game. And this is definitely the easiest option.

If you order the game before the release, you can look forward to a so-called pre-order bonus (more on this in the big pre-order guide). It doesn’t matter which version you pre-order. The bonus is included everywhere.

The onyx hippogriff is a darker version of the hippogriff with very dark, black colors (see picture). This is a color variant of the hippogriff.

Hippogriff - Mounts in Hogwarts Legacy - Images
This is the onyx hippogriff in “Hogwarts Legacy”. © Warner Bros / PlayCentral image montage

Important: As this is an exclusive pre-order bonus, it is possible that this onyx hippogriff with this explicit color cannot be found elsewhere in the game.

How do I unlock more Hippogriffs? There are other Hippogriffs in Hogwarts Legacy, including the White Hippogriff.

You can unlock this by successfully completing the Highwing quest.

In the course of the adventure, you will be confronted with a beautiful white hippogriff that you have to free from captivity. Of course, we don’t need to be told twice and give it our all!

We free the captured hippogriff! © Warner Bros / PlayCentral montage

How can I catch hippogriffs?

But that’s not all at this point. Once you have unlocked your first Hippogriff, you can even catch more specimens later on and sell them for a lucrative price, for example.

Where should I look for a hippogriff? There is a hippogriff den in the east of Keenbridge, by the ruins. And then there’s another hippogriff den a little closer to Hogwarts.

Namely in the Forbidden Forest. The cave inhabited by hippogriffs lies to the east of the Floo Point: Western Forbidden Forest.

Here you can find a hippogriff construction! Warner Bros/Avalanche Studios/

Once you have arrived at the location you are looking for, it’s time to get down to business. Hippogriffs don’t seem to like being caught, some of them fly off as soon as we approach them. So, what to do?

There is a little trick you can use to buy yourself enough time to catch it. Use the spell Glacius. This freezes the hippogriff for a little longer so that you can make up several points with your Nab-Sack.

With Glacius you get the Hippogriff! Warner Bros/Avalanche Studios/

It’s best to place Glacius and the snap sack on the spell bar so that you can use Glacius again if the worst comes to the worst and then immediately strike again with the funny vacuum cleaner. This should work in the end.

Can I breed hippogriffs?

Yes, hippogriffs can be bred like many other magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. You will need the Room of Requirement and a breeding enclosure in the Vivarium.

If you want to breed your own hippogriff now, you should have two specimens in advance. These should be one female and one male. You must now release these two hippogriffs in the Room of Requirement and select the corresponding option in the breeding enclosure. Now it’s just a case of wait and see.

Do you like the Hippogriff as a mount or would you prefer another animal creature like Thestrale? Let us know!

A spell here and there. Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

Be sure to check out our game topic page for more information, tips and tricks as well as our walkthrough.

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