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By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 23.01.2024 12:27 Uhr
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In Palworld we are confronted with a gigantic open world that we can explore in all its corners. But there’s a huge catch in the whole thing. The journeys on foot are long and arduous. And what can we do about it?

Sure, of course! A mount is needed. Are there perhaps horses? Hardly likely. But there are Pals that can definitely be used as mounts.

In this guide you will find out what options are available and how to ride through the island as quickly as possible like on a real Mustang!

Mounts in Palworld – What you should know!

Are there mounts in Palworld? Yes, they actually exist in Palworld. There are several Pals that you can ride. However, riding here is subject to certain conditions.

In order to ride a Pal, you need the corresponding saddle. This means that you not only have to find a pal that is suitable for riding, you also have to go to the workbench again and one or two items are of course also necessary for this.

Which mount can I catch?

There are several Pals that are suitable for riding. In the beginning, a Melpaca will definitely do the trick, as the associated resources for the saddle are not that difficult to obtain. So let’s first look for a Melpaca!

Where can I find Melpaca?

Melpaca Pals are basically everywhere on the world map. We have included an excerpt for you here that shows the habitat of these lovely animals. You have to walk a little way out of the starting area and then you can find them practically everywhere.

You can actually find Melpaca everywhere. © Pocketpair/

If you’ve managed to locate a group of Melpaca, be careful not to accidentally kill the one you want. Fight it until it only has about 25% health left and then you can try the Pal Sphere!

Catch Melpaca as a mount! © Pocketpair/

Where can I find Eikthyrdeer?

And while we’re on the topic of mounts, there’s another candidate here. And the good Eikthyrdeer. This herd member with the magnificent antlers not only has leather and horns in his luggage when you take him out or catch him: you can also use this Pal as a mount!

I’ll include another picture for you here of where you can find Eikthyrdeer. Basically, it is quite widespread. But it’s stronger than a Melpaca, so you should be a little more careful here!

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© Pocketpair/

Meet the requirements for riding, here’s how!

You have now fulfilled one requirement for riding and that is catching a mount that is now in your care. But as mentioned at the beginning, that’s not all. On top of that, we also need a riding saddle.

In order to ride a Melpaca, we need a Melpaca saddle, which you can unlock in the Technologies tab at level 7. You need a skill point to unlock it and then you can craft the Important Object.

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Important tip: Remember that a simple workbench is not enough here. You need the Pal Equipment Workbench to build the Melpaca Saddle. This is quickly overlooked! Build the Melpaca Saddle now for the following items:

  • 3x Leather
  • 5x Wool
  • 5x Paldium Fragment

Alternatively, you can grab an Eikthyrdeer, but the materials for the saddle are a little more difficult to obtain. You must be at level 12 and unlock the Eikthyrdeer Saddle for two skill points. Then you can start making the saddle here too. You need the following items:

  • 5x Leather
  • 20x Fiber
  • 10x Ingots
  • 3x Horn
  • 15x Paldium Fragment

How can I use a mount?

Now you have it and you can theoretically start riding! Are you ready? Fantastic! Pack your Melpaca or Eikthyrdeer into your team and head out.

You must first release the mount by equipping the Pal Sphere and opening it. Then the buddy is at your side and you can approach him. Then you have to hold down the F key to saddle up correctly.

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Now you can ride the Pal as if you were walking around normally. You can ride faster with the Shift key and even jump with the Spacebar. Everything as usual!

We hope you have fun on your new mount. Feel free to write in the comments where you got stuck. We’re excited!

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