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Card Carnival in Costa del Sol: Master all 3x beginner rounds! – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 04.03.2024 14:04 Uhr
© Square Enix

If you have one or two problems with Queen’s Blood in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you’ve come to the right place.

In the city of Costa del Sol at the latest, we have to get to grips with the in-game card game in order to progress in the main story. But even on the cruise ship in Chapter 5, there is already the opportunity to take part in the big card tournament.

If you’re looking for a solution for the big map tournament, take a look at our strategy guide here. I’ll explain how you can easily beat every single opponent.

  • Defeat all card players on the ship: Become tournament king!

And if you’re looking for a guide to the games in Costa del Sol, take a look at the solution below. I’ll show you how to win every single round and get the prize.

Queen’s Blood: Carnival of Cards in Costa del Sol

In Chapter 6, we finally arrive in Costa del Sol: And after a short detour to the hotel, the local mission starts straight away. We have to get friendship cards to get clothes for the beach.

So we have to complete all the little tasks that have been assigned to the individual characters here in the city.

A mission takes us back to Gina with Cloud. Together with our new friend, we take up the fight in Queen’s Blood. We have to fight the Card Carnival to get our hands on the friendship card (Cloud).

© Square Enix

The aim is to pass three individual battles. But the whole thing has a catch. These are not regular games of Queen’s Blood. The game wants to teach us a few moves, which is why each round is given an exact solution. And if you can’t figure out the solution, you can take a look at our walkthrough here.

Costa del amor: Round 1

The very first round in the so-called carnival of cards is quite simple. We just need the higher cards in the top two lines.

This means that we have to play one of the cards with 2x and 3x coins at the top and in the middle. This way you immediately dominate both lines, as your opponent only has 1x and 2x coins. The result is added up and victory is as simple as it is quick. Place the cards as shown here in our picture.

© Square Enix

Costa del amor: Round 2

The second round is more in-depth. It shows us what Choco-Chic can do and this card has it all if you play it right. The special thing about this card is that it gets a victory bonus of 3x coins on a line – provided this line is victorious.

We start the round with Chocomoppel, a real bummer! It opens up many fields in all directions, which is why we have to start with this card.

© Square Enix

Now we draw the sugar-sweet Choco-Chic, which we move to the bottom right. The aim of this round is to dominate a single line so strongly that we win the entire game with just this one line.

Reminder: If we win this one line, we get +3 coins at the very end thanks to Choco-Chic.

So now Chocobo & Mogry are added. The third and final card is also placed in the bottom line (in the middle). And then? Yes, then that’s it! This constellation gives us a total of 14 + 3 coins: 17 points.

© Square Enix

Costa del amor: Round 3

Continue with round 3: First, place the Mogry Trio card at the very front in the middle. Then you will receive the aforementioned cards Mogry Trio No. 2 and Mogry Trio No. 3.

Now place Mogry Trio No. 2 in the bottom line in second place so that it destroys the opponent’s Kaktor. This Mogry card can weaken an enemy by up to 4 points and Kaktor flies out of the game completely.

© Square Enix

Now the Sturmgreif card comes into play, which you place in the middle in front of Mogry Trio 1. This card brings options to the back, which means we can now play the Kalm Fang in the first, lowest position.

This is the only way to get enough points to dominate the bottom line. After all, if we put Mogry Trio No. 3 on the top line all the way to the left, this card will even strengthen the bottom line, giving us a total of 5x coins at the bottom.

In addition, the Sturmgreif is boosted by 2 points, which is why we are also ahead here with 6x coin points. Now we dominate two lines and win the round!

© Square Enix

The third round is actually quite easy once you understand how the Mogry trio works together. With these cards, we can pull off wonderful moves. But admittedly, you first have to see how everything harmonizes.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. I hope you continue to enjoy your games of Queen’s Blood.

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