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Beat Joker quickly in The Dustbowl tournament – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 19.03.2024 12:43 Uhr
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The gaming spectacle Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers a variety of special battles such as the Mindflayer or the Great Malboro, which are the subject of this solution.

After making a short detour to Nibelheim with Cloud and co. and returning to the Corel region, we have the opportunity to take on the dreaded Beast Battleground bunker once again.

This time we meet an old acquaintance from Midgar who tells us about Gus’ evil machinations.

Now the question arises as to whether we might not take part in The Dustbowl tournament to save the good man’s lady of the heart? We’ll be there!

Gus. What a creep! © Square Enix/PlayCentral Montage

The individual rounds are all fairly easy to master. But then Gus pulls his trump card out of his sleeve. Cloud fights Joker solo.

In the following lines, I’ll explain exactly how you can defeat Joker and what you should definitely look out for during the fight.

Who is Joker in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Who is Joker anyway? Joker is a mean-spirited harlequin that Gus regularly sends into battle to eliminate his enemies under Gold Saucer. It is Gus’ most infamous trump card.

And Joker actually has a very mean quality. He feasts on the souls of his opponents, literally.

When Joker receives a soul, he plays a card with a very dangerous special ability.

These are Joker’s special attacks based on his cards:

  • Cross: Weak earth magic attack
  • Spades: Physical attack
  • Heart: Self-healing (HP recovery)
  • Diamonds: Gil throw attack
  • Joker: Instant KO for Cloud.

How can I defeat Joker?

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, there is a certain way in which we have to fight Joker in order to finally defeat him. Let’s take a look at this solution now.

Joker is all about stealing souls, which is why one of his strongest attacks is called Soul Steal.

Watch out for this attack! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

When the Harlequin uses his soul steal, you must avoid him at all costs. Because he gets up to a lot of mischief with Cloud’s soul. He then draws various card abilities that he creates from the soul, in a manner of speaking.

So the first rule is: no soul, no great attacks for Joker. All clear so far?

But how should we now put theory into practice?

Use this tactic in battle

Joker is a kind of magician. And as we all know, they don’t like it when you get too close to them?

At first, I was very intimidated by Joker’s abilities and wanted to keep my distance so that I could continually avoid the soul snatcher. But that was a mistake.

After numerous defeats, I decided to take a much more offensive approach and then it worked. But how can that be?

Cloud’s ranged attacks are not particularly strong, he deals much more powerful blows in close combat. And we have more control in combat when we are closer to Joker.

On top of that, we have to bear one thing in mind: we have to dodge the Joker and his soul snatch at the right moment with the circle button. He will shoot you with his attack if you stand further away. In this case, ranged combat is useless.

Press circle and dodge now! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

This means you can always get very close to him and attack in close combat. And if he sets off Soul Steal, immediately refrain from attacking and prepare to dodge in good time.

If you manage to pull this off several times in a row, Joker becomes susceptible to shocks.

Once he has lost a certain amount of HP, Joker becomes permanently vulnerable to shock. At this point at the latest, you should use all the weapon skills Cloud has to break him. The goal is to shock him.

I’m including the analysis here again so that you don’t have to waste valuable ATB points on analysis in active combat.

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Joker’s weakness and fighting tips

Does Joker have a particular weakness? Yes, Joker has a weakness to air. This opens up many possibilities for us.

For example, if you combine the Materia Elemental Affinity with an Wind Materia, you will envelop Cloud’s sword in air attacks.

You can also fire the Aero spell or a stronger variant at regular intervals, which he doesn’t like at all.

And then there’s the Enemy Skill Materia. If you have learned Gust of Wind from Chadley’s Simulator, where you can strengthen the Enemy Skill Materia, you can also use this ability. This also has the advantage that you not only attack with wind magic, but also strengthen Cloud’s attack at the same time. A powerful spell in other words.

With all these tips, you should be able to beat the Joker.

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