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By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 20.02.2023 12:08 Uhr
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Hogwarts Legacy delights the masses. And that’s no wonder, because the game hides countless secrets that you want to uncover.

And if you get stuck, feel free to take a look at our complete solution. We offer you all the solutions you need to move forward. And if you would like to know anything else, please write it in the comments below.

In this solution we dedicate ourselves to the quest: A Bird in the Hand and especially the difficult puzzle within the quest. Is it hanging here? No problem! We know the solution.

Hogwarts Legacy Quest: A Bird in the Hand

A Bird in the Hand is a quest that you only get very late in the game. It is the final quest of Poppy Sweeting of House Hufflepuff. If you have the quest in question in the quest log, you can start.

First: Meet Poppy southwest of Brocburrow. So first we go to the Brocburrow floo point (in the very southeast of the map) and then slightly to the southwest.

Off we go to Brocburrow. © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

And after you talk to Poppy, we start the mission in front of the ruins when night falls.

Here we briefly meet Dorran, with whom we speak before we can tackle the puzzle to get into the construct.

Find out how to get into the ruins: To start the moonstone puzzle, you first have to insert the moonstone in the middle of the platform. Don’t forget!

How do I solve the Moonstone Puzzle?

The moonstone puzzle can be quite confusing. Because all we see are a few columns in the middle and a circle with different signs.

However, upon closer inspection of the entrance door, one thing becomes apparent and that is immediately the solution. Almost invisible lines lead to two magical symbols.

What does the wall want to tell us? © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

So one line points to a character that looks like the ice symbol in the game, or resembles a sun symbol, and the other points to a circle with some ticks.

In fact, the solution to the puzzle is displayed directly here. Because we now have to move the columns so that they point to these two characters. Only (and this is important) with the opposite side.

Because the signs need to be illuminated. The moonlight must point towards them, which is why we have to push the pillars to the other end of the circle, which will then shine on the opposite side.

Note: We cannot move the column directly in front of the symbol. It absolutely has to be opposite!

This can be done with the spell Accio. Now it’s time to push as hard as you can!

Be careful, mistakes happen here! © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

But be careful: a small error in thinking can creep in here, because there is a character that is very similar to the character you are looking for (see picture). So we’re looking for the character with a dot in the middle.

The final solution looks like this: you move one column directly next to the door (right) and one at 4 o’clock, if we go by the following picture.

This is the final solution. © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

And we continue in the dilapidated ruins. Now enter the ruins of The Golden High Seat.

The Golden High Seat: Second Puzzle

In the golden high seat we walk a bit into the construct before we pull the box down from above (with Accio) in the first large hall. If we cast the Levioso spell on these, we can jump on them and quickly bag the Wide Mirror summon at the top.

Then we run through the hollow tree in the middle and fire away a few branches with Confringo. The second puzzle is waiting for us behind the tree.

There are two platforms on the floor, each of which we have to push a cube onto.

Two empty platforms. © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

The first cube is waiting directly to our left – down and next to the tree – on a wall shelf. This is the fire cube. Push him onto the shiny red platform with Accio and ignite him with Confringo.

The second cube is on the right side. Push the box from the left end to the right end to get to the other side. The cube then also wants to be pulled down with Accio.

Once you have placed the second cube, fire the ice spell Glacio once at the second cube and the door will open.

Use Confringo and Glacio! © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

As the quest progresses, you just have to take out a few poachers and a few wolves. Luckily, Dorran and his friends come to your aid.

Now you can unlock the doors to the Snitches’ Sanctuary and the Snitches are yours! Oh well. Or at least you will have successfully completed the quest.

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