What is Ancient Technology in Palworld? Where do I get the points?

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 23.01.2024 15:52 Uhr
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There is a technology tree in Palworld and the mechanics behind it are quite simple. For each level increase you receive new points for skilling. These are the so-called technology points.

But there is another bar in the skill tree, called Ancient Technology, and it follows its own rules.

In this guide you will find out what this is all about and, above all, where you can find the skill points for Ancient Technology.

What is Ancient Technology?

Ancient technology is a scientific advance that is no longer taught in Palworld. It is valuable, long-forgotten knowledge. And that’s why it’s so important to find these skill points.

Because you can only create very specific things by using skill points from the “Ancient Technology” skill tree.

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For example, the first structure of ancient tech is the incubator, which we need to hatch eggs. A very useful technique for getting new Pals.

So it’s worth starting your search as quickly as possible and looking for the skill points.

How do I activate Ancient Technology?

You can find the ancient technology itself in your inventory. Take a look at the Technologies tab and then you can scroll through the individual structures. But to build Ancient Technologies, we need a very specific component called Ancient Component.

Where are Ancient Technology Points and Partition?

It doesn’t work without an ancient component, which is why we now need two things. Once the skill points for the skill tree and the Antique Partitions. But we have good news for you: both are connected.

You get these special technology points when you defeat higher-level bosses. This includes, for example, the first real boss in the Rayne Syndicate tower.

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If you are around level 12 to level 14, you can give it a try. And you should have five buddies at your side who will fight for you. Otherwise the fight will be too difficult.

In the case of Tower of the Rayne Syndicate, you fight against Zoe & Grizzbolt and the whole undertaking only takes 10 minutes. The fight will then be reset and you will lose if you fail.

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Which Pal should I choose? This is a type of electric Pal (similar to Pikachu), which is why Pals with Ground properties are very strong. These include, for example, the Pal Gumoss. But plant pals also help quite well here: Lifmunk and Tanzee.

There is always one or two Dinossom running near the starting area, which is very strong against the electric animals!

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Combat Tips: Avoid Grizzbolt’s attacks when he directly targets you. Because they can paralyze you and then they can finish you off! Shoot from a distance with your bow or crossbow if you want to help your pal. But it can basically also be done without your direct help.

There is also a laser sight with a lock-on on you. When that happens, hide behind one of the pillars. This way the attack cannot hit you.

Unlock Ancient Technology!

Now you can finally take another trip to the “Ancient Technology” skill tree. Unlock the structures you want to build in your base and then you can now place them permanently and anywhere.

Provided, of course, that you have enough Antique Partition. Keep in mind that this is a rare item in Palworld.

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Important note: If you defeat the boss in a tower, you should always activate the fast travel point at the top. Because for this you also get 1x Ancient Technology Point.

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