Trick for a lot of High Quality Pal Oil at once in Palworld – Must-have tip!

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 31.01.2024 12:07 Uhr
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In Palworld there are quite a few resources that we need for our base construction. We can easily obtain most of the materials. But there are a few crafting materials that we don’t find easily.

These raw materials include the so-called high-quality Pal oil. This is essential for the production of powerful shooting irons. But where can I find Pal Oil? And is there a trick to quickly get a lot of Pal oil at once?

Yes, there definitely is. In this solution you will learn everything you need to know about Pal oil so that you can quickly craft everything you want.

Why do I need Pal Oil in Palworld?

Pal oil is one of those items that we can’t have enough of in Palworld. Things get tricky from the mid-game onwards, when we have crafted the weapon workbench and want to make the first shooting irons. Then we can no longer avoid Pal Oil.

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We also need this oil if we want to repair these manufactured blunderbusses again at some point. Yes, even the repair needs Pal Oil.

In the end, you really can’t farm enough Pal Oil to be well equipped and have peace of mind.

How do I find High Quality Pal Oil?

So what to do? There is a little trick that allows you to farm a lot of Pal Oil at once. We’re going big game hunting for dinosaurs, you could say.

But first you should equip yourself well. To survive against big game, you should at least own and equip metal armor and a metal helmet. You should also choose your best team that is at least level 20.

We travel to the habitat of the Relaxaurus, who at first glance are not that easy to defeat, but they have tons of Pal Oil ready for us. At second glance, they aren’t that difficult.

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Now look for the following location on the map. The area is relatively central on the world map. It’s best to spawn directly at the Thunder Dragon Sphere if you have already unlocked this fast travel point.

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Farm a lot of Pal Oil quickly, here’s how!

The Relaxaurus are pretty tough, but with the right pals you can easily manage them. It’s best to take a few ground or electric pals with you, because the Relaxaurus are gigantic water dragons and therefore have a weakness to water.

Relaxaurus are worth it: The Relaxaurus bring four to five units of Pal oil at once (!), which is probably due to their size. And since the dinosaurs appear here in larger herds, you can farm around x50 High Quality Pal Oil within a very short time.

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A Relaxaurus is actually great prey once you know how to approach it properly.

Make sure one of your Pals is always fighting, otherwise they will attack you directly. And from a distance you fight with whatever weapons you have.

What can I make with High Quality Pal Oil?

You can now use the Pal oil to craft weapons like the musket. It should be said that you can take out the Relaxaurus very quickly once you have a musket.

It’s therefore worth running back to camp and briefly crafting the musket before you continue farming.

Musket only requires 5x High Quality Pal Oil. © Pocketpair/PlayCentral image montage

With the musket you sometimes only need two shots, depending on your attack strength. With the musket you become a real big game hunter and from now on you can go hunting for pals that fall into this level segment.

Of course, this doesn’t just include Relaxaurus. But if you need High Quality Pal Oil again, you now know how to quickly get large quantities.

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