Revelio Pages Locations in Hogwarts Legacy: All Revelio Pages in Hogsmeade

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You can collect entries for your handbook everywhere in Hogwarts Legacy, which not only earns you valuable experience points, but also unlocks items of clothing. However, some of these pages can only be revealed with the spell Revelio, so sometimes it takes a very close look to discover them.

In this guide, we will show you the locations of all the Revelio pages that you can find in the village of Hogsmeade. Please note that the Revelio handbook pages in Hogwarts Legacy are counted twice. On the one hand, you collect all the manual pages in the game with them, but on the other hand, they are also counted separately and grant their own rewards.

Keep in mind that this list only includes the manual pages that you can reveal and collect with the spell Revelio. If you are looking for all 55 pages in Hogsmeade, please click on our separate guide.

  • All Revelio handbook pages in Hogwarts
  • All Revelio pages in the highlands

All Revelio pages in South Hogsmeade

  • Hogsmeade: The village itself also has a handbook entry. You can find it at the southern end of the large bridge that leads into Hogsmeade from the south. Use Revelio in front of the left lantern and the entry will reveal itself to you.
  • Enchanted Staircase: When you enter the Tome and Scrolls store, look immediately to the left, to the bookshelf. Here you can find this representative of the Revelio manual pages and add it to your collection.
  • Ceridwen’s Dangerous Cauldrons: The second building on the east side of Hogsmeade, directly after you enter the village via the bridge to the south. The irrelevant store you are looking for is diagonally opposite Tome and Scrolls.
  • Olliviander’s Wand Shop: You have to visit this store on your first visit to Hogsmeade anyway. Use the unveiling spell directly in front of the entrance.
  • Spintwitches Sports Supplies: You can buy flying brooms in this store, but you can only enter the store after you have taken a flying lesson in the course of the main story. You will then find this manual entry in the store itself.
Hogwarts Legacy: All Revelio manual pages in Hogsmeade (location, finding, guide, solution)
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All Revelio pages in South Hogsmeade

  • The three brooms: In the center of Hogsmeade there is a pub called The Three Broomsticks. It is marked with a star on the map and can easily be found on your first visit to the village. Go to the large fireplace at the end of the taproom and use Revelio directly in front of it.
  • Private room in the Three Broomsticks: Enter The Three Broomsticks and then make your way to the top by simply following the course of the stairs. Pick the lock on the door with Alohomora (level 1) and then pull out your wand to speak to Revelio directly in front of the table.
  • Barrels of butterbeer: There are three large barrels of butterbeer on the west side of Die Drei Besen. Look for them between the pub and Zonko’s joke store.
  • Zonko’s joke store: An optional store in the center of Hogsmeade. This location is indicated by a star on the map. To reveal the manual page, you must use the spell directly in front of the store entrance.
  • Frogspawn Soap: The first manual page you can find in the Zonko’s Joke Shop is the Frogspawn Soap. Enter the building and go immediately to the left. You will find the greenish soap next to the giant Jack in the Box.
  • Stink Bomb: Can be found on the second floor of Zonko’s joke store, right next to the big red button labeled Don’t Push.
  • Water source: This is a fountain in the north of Hogsmeade. You can find the water fountain southeast of Madam Snelling’s Curly Porium, southwest of Broomjack’s Sunday Best or northeast of Zonko’s Joke Shop.
Hogwarts Legacy: All guide entries (location, finding, guide, solution)
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All Revelio pages on the Hogsmeade site

  • Honey Pot: An optional store in the north of the village. This member of the Revelio manual pages is located right next to the entrance door. You will find the next entry in the store itself.
  • Fizzing Whizzbees: Enter the Honey Pot store and examine the sales counter with the eponymous product with Revelio.
  • Exploding sweets: Can also be found in the honey pot, but at the back of the store. Use Revelio on the Niffler statue to reveal the page.
  • Teashop decoration: Enter the optional store Steepley & Sons (the small café on the square in the north of Hogsmeade) and look to the left. The manual page can be summoned directly in front of the long table.
  • Magical post: Right next to the Steepley & Sons café is a small, quirky house with all sorts of crates and boxes in front of it. Go inside and use Revelio at the mailboxes.
  • Besenknechts Sonntagsstaat: As you’d expect, you’ll find this entry right outside the store of the same name, not far from the Flea Flame village of North Hogsmeade.
  • Spickoscope: Enter the clothing store Besenknecht’s Sunday Best to the left of Hogsmeade Square. Next to a bird skeleton you will find the Spickoscope, which you can reveal with Reverio.
  • Besenknecht’s doll: Is also in Besenknecht’s Sunday best. Examine the doll directly opposite the sales counter to get this entry.
  • Scribe’s Cats: In the north of Hogsmeade, right by the flea fire location, there is a building that you can enter. It is also adjacent to the Hogsmeade square. Investigate the small room to the north.
  • Hengis of Woodcroft: The statue of Hengis stands directly between the two landmarks of Steepley and Sons and Hogsmeade Square.
Hogwarts Legacy: Change wand
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All Revelio pages in West Hogsmeade

  • Wall-mounted Hog’ Head: Hangs in the pub of the same name in the west of the village. The store will be marked with a star on your map. Use Revelio directly in front of the bar to reveal the Revelio page.
  • Hog’s Head Staircase: Directly behind the Boar’s Head is a small footbridge by the water. Deploy Revelio diagonally opposite the large barrel. Caution: This manual page often only appears when you are standing directly in front of it. Aim for the stacked crates with the lantern on top and you are in the right place.
  • J. Pippin’s Potions: Examine the potion table directly behind Parry Pippin in the potion store. You’ll have to visit the store during the main mission anyway, and you’ll probably stop by there more often later on.
  • Hogsmeade Community Garden: There is a small garden on a slope to the east of the Fleaflame Village to the west of the village and to the west of Ollivanders. Stand right next to the green vines to reveal the manual with Revelio.
  • The magical Neep Cart: Visit Timothy Teasdale’s store west of Hogsmeade to further increase the number of Revelio manual pages you have collected. Timothy, who sells you all kinds of gardening supplies, is sitting right next to the small cart that you can enchant with Revelio.
Hogwarts Legacy: All pages in the South Wing (locations, solution, guide)
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All Revelio pages in North Hogsmeade

  • Brood and Peck: You can enter the store of the same name after you have unlocked the flying creatures, which happens automatically during the first mission. Then use Revelio in the store to make this handbook entry visible.
  • Tree in front of water plantain and bulrush: The name already tells you where to look. Go to the relevant store in the far north of Hogsmeade, outside the regular conurbation. Then examine the tree right next to the sales counter.
  • Abandoned store: Far to the north of Hogsmeade, between the stores The Magic Turnip and Water Plantain and Tuber Leaf Mushroom, there is an abandoned building and just outside the front door you can reveal this manual page.
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