Palworld: Farm ore automatically – This is how you build an ore farm

By Heiner Gumprecht - News on 25.01.2024 12:28 Uhr
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In the survival action adventure Palworld you will always need larger amounts of ore, so the obvious question is how to build an ore farm and farm ore automatically.

Gronkh put together this NASA PC:

Palworld: Build an ore farm and farm ore automatically

After just a few hours of playing in the open world of Palworld, you will notice that you often need ore to produce weapons, equipment and structures.

However, mining this ore yourself with a pickaxe can be quite stressful and, above all, time-consuming, so it is advisable to automate the matter and leave it to your pals.

Find a suitable position

But first things first. Before you start building an ore farm out of the ground, you should look for an area in which there are larger ore deposits and, ideally, several ore deposits.

Once you have found such a location, for example in the Cinnamoth Forest or north of it, it is time to build a new base, because this is the only way automatic farming works.

You don’t have to move your main base to do this, because once you reach a certain level you can build advanced bases, which makes exploring and mining resources much easier.

Palworld: Farm ore automatically - This is how you build an ore farm
Such corners are perfect for an ore farm. © Pocketpair

Use pals and mine ore

When building your second, third, or even fourth base, make sure that the blue line that marks the boundary of your base includes all surrounding ore deposits.

Only if the ore is in the area of your base can you build an ore farm and mine the resource automatically. The more ore within the blue line, the better.

Now it’s time to use your pals, you need a monster that has the mining propensity. These include, for example, Digtoise, Dumud and Tombat.

You can now command these Pals to use their work propensity, which will cause them to mine the ore within your base boundary. This is half the way to automatic ore extraction.

Because now you still need a storage chest in which the ore can be stored, and pals with transport properties that automatically store the mined ore in such chests.

Palworld: Build an ore farm and farm ore automatically
One of the many places where you can farm ore automatically. © Pocketpair

Keep the ore farm running

In order for your ore farm to function, your workaholic monsters need to be kept happy, because if your pals are unhappy, they won’t do their work and all the effort will be in vain.

We therefore recommend that you build a berry plantation, a hot spring and of course the required amount of beds. That’s all it really takes to make the monsters happy.

If the monsters are happy, are diligently mining ore and storing the material for you in the storage chests, you can go one step further and build a furnace in which the ore is made into bars.

Use Pals with the Ignite work inclination to automate this process as well. Why? Because you can use ingots to create improved weapons and sophisticated structures.

Palworld: Farm ore automatically - This is how you build an ore farm
Digtoise helps you mine the ore automatically.© Pocketpair

Farming ore automatically: More tips and tricks

Maximize Efficiency: In order to maximize the efficiency of your ore farm, it is important that you improve the work speed of your Pals. You can do this by increasing their happiness.

Resource Management: Keep an eye on your resources, especially if you maintain multiple bases. It is important that you ensure that all bases are adequately supplied with the necessary materials.

Research and Upgrades: Don’t forget to regularly check your technology tree and research new technologies. This can help you improve your production methods and gain access to more advanced tools and buildings.

Multitasking: While your Pals are busy mining ore, use the time to do other tasks, like collecting other resources or exploring new areas.

Exploration: Uses exploration of new areas to potentially find even better locations for ore deposits. Sometimes remote areas can be rich in resources that are easier to farm.

Security: Make sure your bases are well protected, especially if you are in more dangerous areas. Enemy Pals can disrupt your production if not dealt with properly.

Pals Variety: Experiment with different Pals to find out which ones are best for different tasks. Some Pals might be better for mining, while others are better for transportation or defense.

Long-term planning: Always think long-term. Build your bases and resource production so that they are still effective in later phases of the game. Think about what resources you might need in the future and plan accordingly.

With these tips and tricks, you should be able to effectively maximize your ore production in Palworld and take your game to the next level. Farming ore automatically is now child’s play.

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