How to find Electric Organs fast in Palworld? – Locations & Pals

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 31.01.2024 14:07 Uhr
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In Palworld there are various items that have the power to strengthen your weapons and with which you can craft very good equipment. One of these special items is clearly the electro gland, which gives our character a real electro boom.

In this solution you’ll learn how to quickly get to lots of Electric Organs so you don’t literally run out of juice. After all, it’s supposed to tingle?

Why do we need Electric Organs in Palworld?

Electric Organs are a hot commodity in Palworld. With this item we can electrify our equipment, so to speak. We need them to be able to make strong weapons that can stand a chance against stronger Pal.

There are countless things you can make with the Electric Organ. This includes, for example, the Stun Baton with which you can shock Pals. When shocked, they are easier to catch. The probability of catching your Pal spheres increases. And there are even more items:

  • Stun Baton
  • Generator
  • Shock Grenade
  • Electric Mine
  • Helzephyr-Saddle
  • Lamp: Ceiling Lamp, Chandelier, Wall Lamp
  • Antique Lamps: Antique Brown Floor Lamp, Antique Red Floor Lamp
  • Street Lamps: Stylish Street Lamp, Simple Street Lamp, Retro Street Lamp, Double Street Lamp

What is particularly important is the generator, which you can use to supply your entire base with electricity. That’s why at some point you really won’t be able to avoid collecting Electric Organs.

Where to find Electro Glands in Palworld?

In real life it’s not so nice when the weak are always picked on. But in Palworld we make an exception!

We look for the weakest victim and that has to be used for electro gland farming. And this is where the Pal Jolthog is wonderful. It is a small yellow hedgehog that has the Electric property and drops the item.

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Take a look at the map below where you can see Jolthog’s habitat. If you normally started your base in the southeast of the world map, march west once and then you will soon come to the right area.

The Jolthog are low level here. So they are actually very weak, which makes them easy to farm in large quantities. Hit them with a few arrows with the Three Shot Bow or give them a hard time with the Crossbow.

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I wouldn’t recommend Musket or Handgun shots as the ammunition would be a complete waste. But such an arrow for the triple bow can be crafted quickly and costs nothing.

You can also capture the Jolthog with the Pal Sphere. This makes little difference to collecting the electro glands. But this way you get a little more XP here and there, which is of course a good special bonus when farming.

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