Hogwarts Legacy – Use Flipendo ten times to knock over a Cow or more!

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 16.02.2023 11:00 Uhr
© Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

The makers of Hogwarts Legacy had a clown for breakfast. This can be clearly seen in several places in the game.

But above all, the following task that we have to complete in order to collect the ever-popular platinum trophy. This is a bronze trophy of a slightly more fun nature.

Because in “Spilled Milk – Use Flipendo ten times – to knock over one or more cows!” the name says it all. And it starts with: pushing cows.

Get the Bronze Trophy Spilled Milk, here’s how!

But where are the cows? And what exactly do I have to do? In this little solution, we’ll tell you the most important things about this bronze trophy, so that you won’t be far away from your coveted platinum trophy!

Where can I find cows in Hogwarts Legacy?

For example, you can find cows east of Hogsmeade. Ideally travel via Floo Flame to the location Eastern Vale of Hogsmeade. And from there you continue south, then you run directly into the dealer Leopold Babcocke.

© Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

You can also buy a broom for 5,000 gold here if you’re looking for all the brooms. And otherwise the animals in question are nearby.

How can I flip the cows?

This is actually very simple, all you need is the spell Flipendo. If you don’t have it yet, you should first complete the following quest.

Complete Professor Garlick task 2 from Herbology class. At the end of the side mission you will receive the spell automatically.

How can I turn cows? If you have Flipendo, then you can get started! When you face the cows, you have to use Flipendo on one of the lovely creatures. You can really feel sorry for them. But it doesn’t help…

We just imagine them having fun. © Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/
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