Hogwarts Legacy: The Great Hall – All 24 Field Guide Page Locations

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If you want to reach 100% in Hogwarts Legacy, you will spend quite a while looking for Field Guide Page. Not only can these entries be extremely useful, they also grant you experience points and unlock rewards, but there really are a lot of them and you need several spells to achieve them all.

Manual Field Guide Page can be found, for example, by using Revelio in front of prominent places and objects. Or by lighting fire bowls, snatching flying leaves out of the air with Accio or conjuring individual Field Guide Page out of statues with Levioso. There are also the Empty Paintings, which also have a puzzle in store for you.

  • South wing: All 23 Field Guide Page
  • Wings of the bell tower: All 34 Field Guide Page
  • The Grand Staircase: All 26 Field Guide Page
  • Library extension: All 20 Field Guide Page
  • Astronomy wings: All 23 Field Guide Page
  • All 55 Field Guide Page in Hogsmeade
  • All Revelio Field Guide Page in the highlands

The Great Hall – All Levioso Field Guide Page in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Hogwarts Crest: Enter the hall via the large entrance door and you will be looking directly at the coat of arms, which you now only have to enchant with Revelio.
  • Hourglasses with house points: From the entrance hall of the Great Hall, continue into the reception hall. Look to the left and you will discover the hourglasses, which will also end up in your handbook.
  • Owl Desk: In the large hall, at the end of the four tables. Use Revelio one meter away from the desk to reveal the manual page.
  • Ceiling of the Great Hall: Between the two middle rows of tables, at the northern end of the Great Hall, you can use Revelio to reveal this handbook entry.
  • The Yawning Gargoyle: Exit the Great Hall through the heavy side door and you will be standing directly in front of a gargoyle, which can also be picked up in the manual.
  • Slytherin washbasin: In the Slytherin dungeon, right next to one of the Void Paintings, there is a washroom. Use Revelio right in front of the washbasin to make this entry visible.
  • Penal Labor Chamber: In Slytherin Dungeon, find the doors in the south and pick the lock of the Penal Labor Chamber with Alohomora (level 2).
  • Tapestry of the Headless Hunt: Look in the south of the Slytherin dungeon for the three doors that must be cracked with Alohomora. One of these doors leads into a long corridor, which in turn leads into a large room with this carpet hanging on the wall. This is also where you can find the Death Day Celebration Room handbook entry.
  • Death Day Celebration Room: In the south of the Slytherin dungeon, look for the three doors that need to be cracked with Alohomora. One of these doors leads into a long corridor, which in turn leads into a large room with this carpet hanging on the wall. In the same room you will find the entry Tapestry of the Hunt of the Headless.
  • Underground Port: The entrance to the underground port is located a few meters southwest of the large bridge that connects the library annex to the Great Hall, the very bridge that is part of the 3 Secrets of Hogwarts. The entry can be revealed on the right-hand side, near the box with Revelio.
  • Large lake: Go to the boathouse and search for the boat, which is already half-submerged in the water, outside the boathouse itself.
  • Pear Portrait: This refers to the secret entrance to the kitchen at Hogwarts. Go to the Great Staircase Fleaflame location in the region of the same name in the school. Follow the spiral staircase down and use Revelio directly in front of the portrait that serves as the entrance to the kitchen.
  • Kitchen tables: Located in the kitchen of Hogwarts. Find the Great Staircase flea flame location in the area of the same name. Directly next to this point, a narrow staircase leads down in the dark. There, in the equally dark corridor, you can interact with the large still life by tickling the bulb. You will find what you are looking for in the kitchen behind it.
  • Habitats of the house elves: Also found in the kitchen of Hogwarts. Look in the back of the large room (southeast) for the many small barrels that look like converted houses. You can find this Revelio manual page here.
Hogwarts Legacy: All Field Guide Page The Great Hall (locations, walkthrough, guide)
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The Great Hall – All Flying Paper Field Guide Page in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Lifeless Paintings #1: In the entrance area of the Great Hall, directly above your head, the important piece of paper flies around.
  • Lifeless Paintings #2: Go to the outdoor area behind the Great Hall and you will find a small garden with a pavilion. The paper flies in small circles here and can easily be caught with Accio.
  • Lifeless Paintings #3: Look in the south of the Slytherin dungeon for the three doors that need to be cracked with Alohomora. One of these doors leads to the Death Day Celebration room, where this paper is traveling on the ceiling.
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