Hogwarts Legacy: All 23 Field Guide Page Locations in the Astronomy Wing of Hogwarts

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Hogwarts Legacy shows Hogwarts Castle and its surroundings in a wintry atmosphere in the new ASMR video on YouTube.
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There are many collectables in Hogwarts Legacy, but none are as varied as the handbook pages. Collecting them earns you lots of experience points and regularly unlocks new items of clothing. But first you have to find these 23 mystical parchment pages in the Astronomy Wing.

And it’s not that easy, because some of them are really well hidden. In addition to the camouflaged Revelio Field Guide Page, for example, there are also entries that you can only find with Lumos or Incendio and for others you even have to solve small puzzles. But in this guide we will of course show you all of them.

  • Hogsmeade: All 55 Field Guide Page
  • South wing: All 23 Field Guide Page
  • Wings of the bell tower: All 34 Field Guide Page
  • The Grand Staircase: All 26 Field Guide Page
  • Library extension: All 20 Field Guide Page
  • Astronomy Wings: All 23 Field Guide Page
  • The Great Hall: All Field Guide Pages

All Field Guide Page in the Astronomy Wing: Revelio

  • Partial Transformation: Head to the Fleaflame location in front of the Transformation classroom and go straight through the door to enter this very teaching area. On the left-hand side, by the turtle shells, you can unlock this Field Guide entry with Revelio.
  • Painting of Illyius: Enter the Astronomy Wing via the Transformation Courtyard to the south and immediately follow the path to the right inside, where you will run straight towards the large painting.
  • Penetrating Passage: Go to the second floor of the Astronomy Wing and enter the corridor to the west, where green gas seems to be coming out of the floor. About halfway down, you can use Revelio to reveal the entry. Watch out for the shimmering in the air.
  • Skeleton of a Black Hebridean: Hanging in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Stand at the top of the stairs leading to the office to reveal the skeleton with Revelio.
  • Window with a snake-like creature: From the Fleaflame location Defense Against the Dark Arts, follow the stairs down, which will take you to the area with the rhino-like skeleton. Behind the skeleton you will see the giant window where you need to use Revelio.
  • Tapestry of Barnabas the Mad: Can be found halfway between the Magic classroom and the Astronomy Tower. Shortly after the encounter with the local ghost, the oversized tapestry is already hanging on the wall and you can transfer it to the Field Guide.
  • Wyvern Fountain: Located in the transformation courtyard, use Revelio near the fountain in the center of the square and you can upgrade your Field Guide.
  • Skeleton of an Augurey: From the Fleaflame location Defense Against the Dark Arts, go down the stairs to the west and you will find it on the northwestern wall.
  • Astronomy Telescope: Located in the top tower of the Astronomy Wing, follow the stairs from the Fleaflame location Astronomy Tower to the top, where you can reveal this handbook entry by the large telescope. You will automatically visit this location during the main quest Everything but Koboldgack to meet up with Amit.
  • Boggart’s Cupboard: Enter the Astronomy Wing via the Transformation Courtyard and turn right directly behind the entrance door, where you can open the locked door with Alohomora (level 1). Behind it you will find the boggart’s cupboard and, in a casket on the long table, another wand handle.
  • Alchemy Lesson: The easiest way to get this guide entry: Teleport to the Fleaflame location in the courtyard of the bell tower and run to the southwest, where you will pass through a small door. Directly behind this door is a staircase leading up. Do not go up. Instead, turn left before the stairs and follow the course of the stairs into the dungeon, past the dragon statue and straight ahead. Crack the door with Alohomora (level 2) and immediately use Revelio in the room behind it.
  • Cell in the Dark Tower: Go to the Magic Lesson room and you can crack the door to Professor Ronen’s office with Alohomora (level 1). Follow the spiral staircase upwards and finally onto the canopy, where you will find another handle for your wand. You can also open the cell door here with Alohomora (level 2) and reach the Field Guide Page behind it.
Hogwarts Legacy: All Revelio Field Guide Pages in the game (guide, solution, locations)
There’s a lot going on in the Astronomy Wing at Hogwarts! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

All Field Guide Pages in the Astronomy Wing: Lifeless paintings

  • Lifeless Painting #1: On the second floor, enter the Penetrating Passage in the west where this frame hangs. Follow the passage to the right and use Revelio to find the moth and lure it back to the painting with Lumos.
  • Lifeless Painting #2: Visit the Fleaflame location Tower of Defense Against the Dark Arts and light up an empty frame with Lumos there as well. Your final destination is in the large room full of tapestries directly in front of Professor Fig’s office.
  • Lifeless Painting #3: Located in the Astronomy Tower, halfway to the highest building, right next to a large fireplace. The moth you are looking for hangs above a panel in the top room of the tower.
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