Hogwarts Legacy: All 20 Field Guide Page Locations in the Hogwarts Library Annex

By Heiner Gumprecht - News on 22.02.2023 14:12 Uhr
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The school building in Hogwarts Legacy is full of secrets, treasures and, of course, Field Guide Pages. These useful information sheets not only grant you experience points, they also gradually unlock rewards such as items of clothing that you can only find and obtain in this way.

Field Guide Pages can be found in different ways. There are the separately counted Revelio Field Guide Pages that can only be made visible with the Revelio reveal spell, there are pages that you can obtain by solving an Lifeless Painting Puzzle and there are even some that require spells such as Lumos and Incendio.

  • South wing: All 23 Field Guide Pages
  • Wings of the bell tower: All 34 Field Guide Pages
  • The Grand Staircase: All 26 Field Guide Pages
  • Astronomy wings: All 23 Field Guide Pages
  • The Great Hall: All Field Guide Pages
  • All Revelio Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts
  • All Revelio Field Guide Pages in Hogsmeade
  • All Revelio Field Guide Pages in the highlands

All Field Guide Pages in the library extension: Revelio

  • Statue of Gregor the Creeper: Can be found south of the fountain. Follow the stairs down to the south and look to the left. The statue is right next to the moth you need to find for the side mission Like a Moth to the Light.
  • Fountain in the Main Hall: Stand in the center of the main hall, where you meet the student Lenora for the first time and have to examine an empty frame.
  • Portrait of Sir Cadogan: Head upstairs from the Flea Flame location in the main hall, directly above the large door that leads to the outside area and thus to the puzzle bridge, you will find this portrait, which attracts attention early on with duel challenges.
  • Enchanted Books: Located in the Forbidden Section of the library. You will automatically visit this location during the campaign, but you can also visit it again later with the right skills.
  • Gorgon Portrait: Go to the Fleaflame location in the courtyard of the bell tower and open the large door with Alohomora (level 1). On the right-hand side you will find a door puzzle that you can crack with our guide. Behind this magically sealed door you will finally find the portrait.
  • Palm reader model: Go to the Floo Flame location in the Divination classroom and go all the way to the top. Climb up the ladder to reach the top room and examine the table there.
  • Arithmancy classroom: In the Fleaflame location of the Divination classroom you will find the entrance to the school attic, where you will also find one of the door puzzles and the solution on how to open it. Behind the door you will find this classroom and this Field Guide Page.
  • Greenhouse tree: The large tree in front of the greenhouses. The tree is probably the first thing you see when you leave the school to go to the greenhouses and can therefore hardly be missed.
  • Steer Plums: Go to the greenhouse, which is located in the outdoor area. You can reach it by leaving the bell tower via the corresponding exit. Steer plums are small trees that you can examine with Revelio.
  • Professor Sharp’s Auror Badge: Go to the Potions Classroom and place Revelio at the round table in the north, where the Professor always sits during lessons.
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