GTA Online: The Best Weapons in 2024

By Patrik Hasberg - News on 09.04.2024 12:30 Uhr
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Grand Theft Auto Online has a total of 101 different weapons, 63 of which have been added as part of DLCs. 43 of these weapons are exclusive to the enhanced version of the title (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC), and 12 of them are Mark 2 variants.

What are Mk2 weapons in GTA Online? Rockstar Games released Mark 2 weapons with the Gunrunning update in 2017. These are upgraded versions of certain existing weapons. These upgrades not only offer an improved look, but also performance enhancements such as increased damage values, improved precision, longer ranges and sometimes new types of ammunition.

To upgrade a weapon to a Mk II variant, you need a weapon workshop in one of your properties. Alternatively, you can also do this in the Mobile Command Center, the Avenger or the Kosatka .

GTA Online: These are the best weapons in 2024

Below we present the best weapons in GTA 5 Online.

The best machine gun in GTA Online

  • Combat MG Mk 2 (Combat MG Mk 2): If you ever have problems in GTA Online, this machine gun is always the solution – provided you know how to use it, of course! The Combat MG Mk2 offers a high rate of fire and does a lot of damage at the same time, making it ideal for intense firefights. If you have extended the magazine, you can even fire up to 200 rounds at your opponents.

The best assault rifle in GTA Online

  • Special Carbine Mk 2 (Special Carbine Mk 2): This weapon looks very similar to the G36K and is the update version of the normal special carbine. What makes the Special Carbine Mk 2 a particularly good weapon is the highest damage per second and the slightly higher rate of fire compared to other assault rifles. Although the Combat MG Mk 2 is a nose ahead in terms of damage per second, the special carbine is even more accurate, especially at longer ranges.

The best sniper rifle in GTA Online

  • Heavy Sniper Rifle Mk 2 (Heavy Sniper Mk 2): An excellent sniper rifle with a high rate of fire and high damage. It is perfect for fighting your opponents at a distance. To unlock this weapon, however, you must first reach rank 90.

The best pistol in GTA Online

  • AP Pistol: A very versatile handgun that is especially recommended for use in the car, as it is fully automatic and can effectively take out armored opponents and vehicles. But it is also by far the best pistol in GTA Online in general, as its very high rate of fire means that you always have the advantage on your side.

The best shotgun in GTA Online

  • Assault Shotgun: With this fully automatic shotgun, you can effectively fight enemies at close range. Thanks to the very high rate of fire, the damage and the good handling, this is by far the best shotgun in GTA Online.

The best throwing weapon in GTA Online

  • Sticky Bomb: The sticky bomb is praised above all for its versatility as a throwing weapon, as it sticks to objects and people and can be detonated at will.

The best melee weapon in GTA Online

  • Stone Hatchet: The Stone Hatchet is considered one of the best melee weapons in GTA Online, as you can take out opponents with just one attack. However, if your opponent has a firearm and is reasonably good with it, you should also switch to another weapon!

The choice of the best weapon ultimately depends on your own playing style and the specific situations you find yourself in in GTA Online.

Whether you want to take out enemies from a distance, survive intense firefights or react quickly and effectively in the urban environment of Los Santos, these weapons offer you the variety and firepower you need to succeed in the world of GTA Online.

Which weapons in GTA Online are your personal favorites? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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