PLAYCENTRAL NEWS GTA Online: Rockstar already mentions the 2024 summer update, which is set to be “big”

GTA Online: Rockstar already mentions the 2024 summer update, which is set to be “big”

By Patrik Hasberg - News on 03.04.2024 09:47 Uhr
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After the update is before the update! While we received the Chop Shop update for GTA Online at the beginning of December 2023, the Cluckin’ Bell heist followed at the beginning of March. And apparently the next new content is already waiting in the wings – more or less.

We’re talking about the summer update, which Rockstar Games normally doesn’t officially mention so many months before the release.

What exactly has Rockstar Games announced?

Rockstar Games writes in the latest GTA+ post on the official website:

“Plus, look out for the opportunity to secure a new bonus super car as part of your GTA+ Membership with this summer’s big GTA Online update.”

The developer is therefore not only mentioning the 2024 summer update very far in advance, but is even talking about a “major” summer update.

As a rule, Rockstar only uses this kind of wording when a major update with lots of new content is in the starting blocks.

At the same time, all GTA+ members will receive 1 million GTA dollars per month over the summer in addition to the usual 500,000 GTA dollars. So is Rockstar preparing all paying players for lots of new and high-priced content in GTA Online?

When will the 2024 summer update be released?

As the start of the summer calendar does not begin until June 21, Rockstar will release the summer update for GTA Online within this period at the earliest, but more likely a little later.

Because if Rockstar Games has really increased the payment to all GTA+ members for a few months so that more money is available for the content of the summer update, this could also mean that it will not be released until later in the summer, perhaps in August.

But let’s take a look at the release dates of the past summer updates.

All summer updates for GTA Online:

  • 2019: The Diamond Casino & Resort – July 23
  • 2020: Los Santos Summer Special – August 11
  • 2021: Los Santos Tuners – July 20
  • 2022: Criminal Enterprises – July 26
  • 2023: San Andreas Mercenaries – June 13

As a rule, Rockstar has always released its summer updates around the beginning of summer, but August has so far been the exception rather than the rule.

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What content can we expect?

As Rockstar has not yet said a word about the possible content, we can only speculate at this point.

But maybe we’ll get another major heist like the Cayo Perico Heist, which will provide a few hours of content? Of course, we’ll keep you up to date here at and let you know when there’s news about GTA Online.

So far, however, this is just speculation within the community. But what do you think and what content would you like to see in the 2024 summer update? Let us know your opinion and wishes in the comments below.

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