GTA Online Chop Shop Update: All Cars & Vehicles List

By Patrik Hasberg - News on 07.03.2024 15:06 Uhr
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GTA Online: Chop Shop offers you new vehicles that can be purchased from the various dealers for the necessary change.

As usual in GTA Online, the means of transportation have been released as part of the drip feed in recent weeks.

What does drip feed mean? This means that content for GTA Online will only be released gradually. Originally, players could expect a new vehicle from a major update to GTA Online every week. Nowadays, Rockstar usually stretches the releases over several months.

All New Vehicles in the Chop Shop Update

Legendary Motorsport

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  • Gallivanter Baller ST-D: $1.715.000 (15. Februar 2024)
© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral
  • Grotti Turismo Omaggio: $2,845,000 (December 12, 2024)
© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral
  • Vapid Aleutian: $1,835,000 (Release: December 12, 2023)
© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral

San Andreas Super Autos

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© Rockstar Games/
  • Canis Terminus: $1,877,500 (release: March 7)
© Rockstar Games/
  • Declasse Impaler SZ: $1,280,000 (February 22, 2024)
© Rockstar Games/
© Rockstar Games/
  • Bravado Dorado: $1,375,000 (Release: December 21, 2023)
© Rockstar Games/
  • Karin Asterope GZ: $459,000 (Release: December 12, 2023)
© Rockstar Games/
  • Declasse Impaler LX: $1,465,000 (Release: December 12, 2023)
© Rockstar Games/
  • Karin Vivanite: $1,605,000 (Release: December 12, 2023)
© Rockstar Games/
  • Vapid Dominator GT: $2,195,000 (Release: December 12, 2023)
© Rockstar Games/
  • Declasse Vigero ZX Coupe: $2,295,000
© Rockstar Games/
  • Fathom FR36: $1,610,000 (Release: December 12, 2023)
© Rockstar Games/

Warstock Cache and Carry

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Police vehicles are particularly interesting for many games. For the first time in GTA Online, you can buy, own and even customize cars according to your needs with numerous modifications. However, these three vehicles also come at a price!

These vehicles are available for purchase at Warstock Cache and Carry:

  • Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire Interceptor (Emergency): $5,420,00, Purchase Price: $4,065,00 (Release: March 7)
© Rockstar Games/
  • LSDS Boxville (Vans): $500,000, Purchase Price = $350,000 (Release: December 21, 2023)
© Rockstar Games/
  • Civilian Patrol Car: $2,962,500 to $3,950,000
© Rockstar Games/
  • Stanier LE Cruiser: $3,517,000 to $4,690,000
© Rockstar Games/
  • Police Riot: $3,600,000 to $4,800,000
© Rockstar Games/

Special Vehicles

There are two vehicles that you can only use under certain conditions.

One of these is the Tow Truck, which you can buy in two variants as soon as you have a scrapyard. However, you can only use this vehicle as part of corresponding towing missions!

  • Beater Towtruck (Utility): $650,000
  • Clean Towntruck (Utiliy): $1,1 Mio.

The second vehicle is the Park Ranger, which you can unlock as part of the Animal Photography Challenge. For each animal photographed, the normal sales price of 2,980,000 GTA dollars is unlocked.

Once you have photographed a total of 10 animals and sent them to the tourist office, the lower purchase price of 2,235,000 GTA dollars for the Declasse Park Ranger is automatically unlocked.

Note: You can only purchase the Park Ranger on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

You can find out more about the animal photography challenge in this guide.

  • Park Ranger (Emergency): 2,980,000 to 2,235,000 GTA dollars
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