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By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 30.01.2024 14:48 Uhr
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In Palworld there are many ways to provide your Pals with enough food. But there is one particularly tasty and filling food. Honey.

You should definitely always have this item available when your Pals in the base need a snack.

However, the sweet honey is not that easy to obtain, which is why we have to take a few things into account. But the good thing is this: If you manage to follow the steps below, you’ll get infinite honey for your base!

Why do I need honey in Palworld?

Honey is a valuable food. It is an item that your main character or your pals can use to eat. It is a food that can be consumed directly or stored.

If you leave honey in the food jar, your Pal will grab some honey in the base when they get hungry.

But you can also process Honey to produce higher quality foods. If we use honey in cooking to make delicious dishes, it usually has better benefits. The tasty dishes include the Cake.

And the cakes are extremely important. We need them so that Pal can make love.

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Honey has a wide range of uses and is quite useful as food. So you quickly realize that it might be worth having an endless supply of honey? And that’s it!

Trick for infinite honey in Palworld

Where can I find honey in Palworld? There are several Pals that drop honey in Palworld. But one genus is of interest to us when it comes to the endless supply of honey. And that is the Beegarde.

What’s special about the Beegarde isn’t just that we can farm it to get honey. Sure, we can fight them and collect the honey after they’re turned off. Or we can catch them and still get the honey. But Beegarde has the Farming ability, so we can classify her for grazing.

And if we do that, our base will be supplied with endless amounts of Honey!

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Location of Beegarde in Palworld

Where to find Beegarde in Palworld? The Beegarde is relatively easy to find. We have included the Beegarde habitat in the picture below.

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The Beegarde can spawn anywhere in the area. But the good thing is that they are quite large and you can hardly miss them. For example, spawn at the Kleinhairevier and then look north of the spawn point. You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here.

Be careful in battle: You should have a level of 20 if you go looking for Beegarde. Because below level 20 it can become too difficult, which is also reflected in your probability of catching.

And you should really be careful in battle, because the Beegarde has an explosion attack that will destroy them and, in the worst case scenario, take you away. Deal your damage as quickly as you can and catch the bee with the Mega Sphere or Giga Sphere!

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Back at the base, you can park the Beegarde in your farm to graze as normal.

Congratulations: From now on it will produce honey constantly and you won’t have to go looking for honey manually again.

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