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By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 19.02.2023 14:26 Uhr
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In Hogwarts Legacy there are numerous collecting tasks that need to be solved. All of the collectibles can even be used to unlock certain amenities within the game, such as new outfits, expanded inventory space and more.

And this is also the case with the Astronomy Tables that you can find in the free world. In this solution you will learn where exactly you have to look for an Astronomy Altar in order to finally get them all.

Astronomy Tables on the Map – Hogwarts Legacy

To get to all Altars quickly, you can simply take a look at our map. We’ll show you in no time where to look for each individual location. On top of that, there is a little explanation of how difficult the point is to reach.

Spoiler alert: They are usually not that difficult to reach and solve.

  1. Astronomy Tables – The first altar is located in the far north in the swamp at the North Ford. More precisely, next to San Bakar’s tower. You have to zoom out almost all the way and then rotate to see the Centaur constellation.
  2. Astronomy Tables – The second altar is located in the Forbidden Forest, more precisely a little southeast of the Floo Flame Point Western Forbidden Forest at the Hippogriff Den. You have to zoom out almost completely and rotate slightly to see the dragon.
  3. Astronomy Tables – The third altar is located in the Vale of Hogsmeade, directly to the left of Upper Hogsfield. The Leo constellation appears when you turn the telescope around 180 degrees.
  4. Astronomy Tables – Number Four is west of the Lower Flea Point: Forbidden Forest. This is the southern entrance to the forest next to the bridge. First zoom out all the way, turn it briefly to the right and then zoom in slightly again for the star picture.
  5. Astronomy Tables – You were able to marvel at the fifth altar around Hogwarts during the introductory mission. During the main mission lesson: Astronomy Class.
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  1. Astronomy Tables – The next object is located in Hogwarts Valley, east of Keenbridge in an abandoned ruin. Simply fly up onto the ruins with the broom. Turn the star image a little to the right and then zoom in very strongly.
  2. Astronomy Tables – The seventh altar is also in Hogwarts Valley, near Brocburrow. Exactly on the southwest side of the village you will find the Raven constellation. Turn the telescope a little to the left and then simply zoom out very strongly.
  3. Astronomy Tables – The eighth altar is in the Feldcroft region in the far north. For example, start at the fleaflame point North Feldcroft and travel a little further west. Just zoom in hard (without rotating) to see the lizard!
  1. Astronomy Tables – The ninth altar is west of the village of Feldcroft. You can also start at the south Feldcroft flea point and then fly a little north to the small hill. The constellation pendulum clock is treacherous because a large star flashes at the bottom. But we have to ignore this and rather focus on the multitude of stars. Align the telescope with the star clusters. Then it works.
  2. Astronomy Tables – The tenth altar awaits on Poidsear Coast. We have to start at the South Poidsear Coast floo point and then fly slightly south. Zoom all the way out with the telescope. And then orientate yourself on the star cluster with the five stars for the water snake constellation.
  3. Astronomy Tables – We continue with Altar Number Eleven, which is waiting for you at Lake Marunweem. The point is relatively far to the east. Possibly spawn at the coastal mine and then fly southeast. Once you have reached the right side of the lake (very high up), you can start. Turn the telescope to the left and then zoom in. This is the Canis Major constellation.
  4. Astronomy Tables – Now it’s off to the cape at the manor house. Altar number twelve awaits here, at the southern tip of the cape. For example, travel from the Western Manor Cape at the manor house straight to the south-southeast. The altar is at the top of the ruins. First turn the Sagittarius constellation to the right by about 90 degrees and then zoom out a little. Orient yourself here by the four stars in the middle.
  5. Astronomy Tables – The next altar is near Cragcroft to the east, in Cragcroftshire. Spawn directly in Cragcroft and then travel south. You will then see the hill with the altar directly in front of you. Zoom out quite a bit and then turn the telescope slightly to the right for the Whale constellation.
  6. Astronomy Tables – The last altar for now is relatively central on the Clagmar coast. Spawn at Clagmar Castle and then fly south. With the telescope you have to turn fairly centrally, as many outer stars don’t play a role. This is how you see the Wolf constellation.

Remember that you can only use Astronomy Tables at night. If it’s east for you during the day, go to the map and press R3 (console) once to initiate the wait.

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Where is the 15th altar?

If you have visited all the altars up to this point and solved the puzzles with the constellations, the task is not over yet. There are a total of 15 astronomy altars in the game that you have to visit.

The reward is the appearance: Star Seer’s Cloak, which is only intended for real astronomy fans!

Where can I find the final table? The final altar is at Hogwarts. Surprisingly, this cannot be found in the Astronomy Wing or Astronomy Tower.

He spawns outside of Hogwarts Castle or outside. The object is basically in front of the Greenhouses on the Castle Wall (see picture).

Fly outside the castle with the broom and then look south of the Greenhouses. The star image itself is quite easy to solve. You zoom out almost all the way and then rotate the telescope slightly. This is how you get the constellation of the Phoenix and the cloak in question.

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