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Defeating Warlock in Fort Kondor Protorelic 4 – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 29.02.2024 00:50 Uhr
© Square Enix

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth there is a mini-game called Fort Kondor. But what does that mean? In the Junon region we have to obtain the Protorelic for Chadley and in order to achieve this we first have to play several games of Fort Kondor.

In this solution I’ll tell you a strategy I developed myself on how to defeat the Warlock in Fort Kondor.

The last fight is pretty tricky. But with the following tips and my tactics it is definitely doable. At the end you finally hold the Warlock’s Protorelic in your hands. It is worth it!

Fort Kondor: Warlock’s Protorelic

To get the colonel’s proto-substance, you must first have completed Field Research 1, Field Research 2 and Field Research 3 in the Junon region. Only then can you face the Warlock.

Field Research 4: The Demon King from another world is waiting at the very end of a ravine. You can see the starting point on the map below.

© Square Enix

Start your mission here, as this is the entrance to the gorge. Then follow the area northeast and ride your mountain chocobo up. Once you have reached the northeast, you can finally start the mission.

Rock-paper-scissors principle in Fort Kondor

Rock-paper-scissors principle in Fort Kondor

So don’t forget during the game that you should always play a Enforcer, i.e. a unit with a shield symbol, if the enemy is attacking you with a Vanguard, a sword unit.

And if several “archers” come at you, there is always a sword unit to defend you. Enforcers, on the other hand, can be eliminated with shooters.

© Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Preparing for Battle

In the fight against the colonel we have to take a few things into account. Before the actual combat begins, we have to set up our team.

The colonel attacks, among other things, with a flying unit.

Our team should therefore consist of ranged fighters who can also attack air units. We accept shooters and elite shooters into the team.

We choose Cloud and Barret as hero units because we need a lot of Enforcer in this battle, who summon Cloud and the aforementioned archers, who in turn summon Barret. Plus, Barret is a strong shooter himself, which makes it even easier.

Our lineup is important for my strategy. © Square Enix

Which units do we choose? Our squad also consists of Clerics, elite Vanguards, Enforcers and elite Enforcers and (very importantly) the Ballista.

Now you have a perfectly balanced team to defeat the Warlock. I mean, that’s the lineup: Defensive.

Battle against Warlock: Initial phase

At the beginning of the fight, the Warlock attacks from the eastern flank (right bar or lower side). That’s why you can play the Ballista straight away. Position it exactly in the middle of this battle line so that it hits all enemies coming from the east.

It is very important to place the Ballista accurately, otherwise it will miss the enemy units with its shot. They all run through the bottleneck in the middle, use this tactical advantage!

The first Ballista must be here. © Square Enix

In addition, the Warlock starts with Vanguards, which is why we can play a Enforcer or even an elite Enforcer straight away.

You can safely ignore the dog at the beginning, which goes straight to the base, as the base can take it out quite easily.

To stop the Ranger on the west flank, simply place a Vanguard.

Battle against Warlock: Ranger phase

If you have survived the initial phase, you move on to the second phase of the fight. Move up with Ranger on the eastern flank to support your elite Enforcer. The same applies on the western flank. You also need a Ranger here. You can then support the squad of 2 (below) with a Cleric.

The eastern flank was well prepared. © Square Enix

Battle against Warlock: Barret’s mission!

From here my tactics go in a certain direction. Focus on the eastern flank. Place a second Ballista exactly next to the first to sustainably strengthen this side.

On top of that, you’ll deploy more Rangers here. There should definitely be a strong elite marksman among them to force Barret’s charge.

When the enemy bird and the defender are close enough to your Ballista, you finally fire Barret and take out the enemies in one hit.

Fire Barret right now! © Square Enix

Barret heals all troops in the area and deals a fair amount of damage himself. From now on we will concentrate on advancing with Barret.

An opposing Vanguard soon follows on the eastern flank. Therefore, you need to provide Barret with a Enforcer to protect him. On top of that, we need two healers.

We are trying to establish a major power on the eastern flank. That’s why we now have to push this page a little more.

The attack takes place on the eastern flank! © Square Enix

When you have all your units lined up, the counterattack begins. Where we were previously on defense is now being attacked!

Battle against Warlock: Cloud’s mission!

Now the Warlock calls his commander-in-chief onto the screen. It starts on the western flank, but we’ll switch it off right away, as we’re already planning to use the cloud anyway – and can thus immediately eliminate future problems on the western flank.

So place two Enforcers in the middle to intercept the commander-in-chief. And once you’ve done that, the enemy should be within range of Cloud. We pushed Cloud’s charge through the Enforcers. Now calls Cloud near the Commander-in-Chief, who is then almost eliminated!

Call Cloud right now! © Square Enix

Battle against Warlock: Final move

Now we can take out all of the Warlock’s remaining units. But there’s a little catch: the Warlock himself is super strong!

The Warlock himself has very strong melee attacks and with this tactic we are slowly running out of options?

Not directly! Because now we switch to the final move: From now on we only rely on Rangers. When you fight against the Warlock, place as many Rangers as the ATB bar allows.

All Rangers, fire! © Square Enix

Cloud fights on the front line and Barret with the Rangers in the backline, all nicely spread out. Little by little you cause so much damage that the Warlock slowly gives up. With this tactic you are guaranteed to be able to beat the Warlock. Promised!

If you have now successfully completed the fight, you can receive the proto-substance and Chadley will be happy!

If you would like more tactics and strategies for Fort Kondor, please write it in the comments and I will take a look.

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