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World of Warcraft - Interview mit Jason Hayes

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Die Jungs von Experience Gaming haben ein Interview mit Jason Hayes publiziert. Der Komponist der vielfältigen World of Warcraft Soundtracks wird hauptsächlich zu seinen bisherigen Lebenswegen und den Musikstücken des Online-Rollenspiels befragt. Selbstverständlich hat Blizzard hierfür extra ein komplettes Orchester engagiert. Der 32-Jährige hat übrigens schon sein erstes Album rausgebracht, seine aktuellen Songs sind allerdings nur auf Blizzard-CDs erhältlich.

XG: You are best known for some of the music you do for Blizzard Entertainment. Tell us more about your relationship with them.

JH: I\'ve worked for Blizzard ever since StarCraft. On that title, I was able to contribute in a variety of ways- from music, to sound design, to voice direction. I\'ve helped write many of the lines the units say, and I even got to do some voice acting! (Firebat, Arbiter, the hero Artanis, and others) At the time I started the company was a lot smaller, and it wasn\'t uncommon for people to wear many different hats. As Blizzard has grown, the development team members have become a bit more specialized. So, it was natural for me to gravitate more exclusively toward music because it\'s my greatest passion.

XG: Tell us about your contribution to World of Warcraft’s music.

JH: As lead composer for World of WarCraft, I was responsible for writing the majority of the music as well as coming up with implementation strategies and providing creative direction. It was a challenge, because with an MMORPG it\'s important to take into consideration the open-ended nature of the experience and the length of time a player will hang out in this living, breathing world.

Because people could be playing this game for (hopefully) years, it was obvious that we\'d have to approach the music very carefully. We decided on a direction that we hoped would have an emotional and immersive feeling, but without being bombastic and irritating. The idea I kept thinking of while working on it, was the goal of achieving a musical effect that would be similar to lighting or fog- something that would be both subtle but very evocative.

In addition to this strategy for the zone music, we also found special areas where we could trigger more thematic musical pieces to let the player know they\'ve found a key location. An example of this would be the major cities, as well as many other notable areas that have special significance in the WarCraft lore.


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