Wish - Artikel über die Beta 2.0

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HomeLAN Fed hat einen kleinen Artikel über die Wish Beta 2.0 angefertigt. Der Bericht ist mit einigen Screenshots aus der Testphase gespickt. Besonders grafisch hat sich einiges getan, das Online-Rollenspiel kann es visuell durchaus mit Titeln wie Everquest 2 oder World of Warcraft aufnehmen.

As we enter into a new year, the massively multplayer genre looks like it will continue to grow, thanks in part to the successful releases of games like City of Heroes and World of Warcraft in 2004. Developer Mutable Realms hopes to join up with this crowd with their debut game entry, the fantasy based MMORPG Wish. The developer recently started up a semi-open beta for the game and HomeLAN got a chance to get some quick hands-on impressions of the beta build.

So, how will Wish keep from becoming just another MMORPG that only has a faction of the audience of the big guys? Well, Mutable Realms is touting the fact that Wish is going to support 10,000 simultaneous players on one server, with no “zones” to load up. They are also touting their continuing storyline which they say players will actually influence. While we really can’t comment on those latter features since we have only played the beta for a few hours, it certainly looks like Wish will come through in its physical scope.


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