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Warhammer Online - Fehler im WARRRGH.. behoben!

Von Redaktion PlayNation - News vom 28.01.2009, 06:12 Uhr

Mythic ist fleißig und veröffentlicht neue Hotfixes für die Spieler. So wurden nicht nur Fehler behoben, sondern wurden Items, Quest und Eigenschaften nochmals unter die Lupe genommen. Wer jetzt ein Auszug haben möchte, der bekommt ihn auch:

Do Sumfin Useful: Resolved a bug that allowed this ability to heal keep doors.

Qhaysh off-hand items that were missing effects have been corrected.
Qhaysh Chraceaxe: This weapon was not displaying an attack speed value. This has been corrected
Armor reactive abilities such as Blades, Burst, Singe, and Pain will now activate at the intended rate. In addition, the icons for these effects will now show up on your attacker.
Quests and Public Quests

Kill the Deathless: Corrected an erroneous waypoint associated with this quest.
Proof is in the Paws: This quest will now award the proper amount of experience when completed.
Cleanin' Up Kadrin: This quest will now properly award credit for enemy players killed in Kadrin Valley and Gromril Crossing.
Messin' Wif da Stunties: This quest will now properly award credit for enemy players killed in Kadrin Valley and Gromril Crossing.

Public Quests
Assault on Coal Ridge Depot: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from completing stage 2 of this public quest after stage 3 had failed.

Realm vs. Realm
The proper guards will now spawn at the Arbor of Light keep when it is controlled by Order.
The doors of the Ironskin Skar Keep will now reset properly when Order retakes it.
The Shining Way and Fell Landing fortress doors will now close properly upon campaign reset.
The Badmoon Hole Keep doors will now close once the destruction keep lord is killed.
Order guards will no longer be active in Charon’s Citadel when destruction takes the Keep.
Players who remain on the hill in the Stonetroll Crossing scenario when the flag resets will now be turned into a chicken.


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