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Storm Riders Online - Neues Online-Rollenspiel angekündigt

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Die Phoenix Game Studios haben ein neues Online-Rollenspiel angekündigt, das auf den populären Comic-Büchern von Ma Wing Shing basiert. Wie die Comics knüpft auch Storm Riders Online an chinesischen Mythen á la Tiger and Dragon oder aktuell House of the flying Daggers an. Die Grafikengine wirkt nicht gerade atemberaubend, wer sich für dennoch innovativen Schauplatz interessiert, sollte sich schleunigst für die Beta anmelden. Am 21. Januar ist nämlich die geschlossene Testphase gestartet.

Orchid Media to Publish Upcoming Massively Multiplayer Hit

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA - JANUARY 31, 2005 - Orchid Media International
("OMI"), an independent publisher of massively multiplayer games, today
announced the launch of its debut title, "Storm Riders Online," a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
The game is an adaptation of the world famous comic book series "Fung Wan" and motion picture "Storm Riders" by renowned artist
Ma Wing Shing.

"We have high hopes for Storm Riders OnlineT ("SRO") and we believe it
will appeal to a broad and untapped market of gamers," said Robert Rice,
OMI\'s Chief Executive Officer. "SRO is unique in a
variety of aspects and features a storyline woven like a rich tapestry,
evocative graphics, and many options for clan versus clan and player
versus player warfare."

OMI has licensed Storm Riders Online from Epic One International Ltd
("Epic"), and has the exclusive publishing, distribution, and management
rights in North America and European Territories. Storm Riders Online is developed by Phoenix Games Studio ("Phoenix"), which is
based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"We are excited to be working with the staff at Orchid Media," says Choong
Lee Mei, Director at Epic. "The executive team has a global perspective
and in-depth understanding of the online game industry
and its future growth. We are looking forward to the success of Storm
Riders Online brand under their management in the licensed territories."

Storm Riders Online is set against the mythical backdrop of ancient China,
and players get to explore the sprawling vast lands of the game world,
become involved in a deep and compelling history, political
intrigue, and clan versus clan warfare. SRO is a fully immersive 3D world
and features unique gameplay, and original content based on Asian
mythology, culture, martial arts, and architecture.


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