SOCOM: Confrontation - Was soll er ändern?

Von Redaktion PlayNation - News vom 05.04.2009, 15:16 Uhr

Für den Taktik Shooter SOCOM: Confrontation auf der Playstation 3 wurde nun der Patch 1.50 angekündigt. Die Entwickler Slant Six gaben auf der offiziellen Homepage bekannt, dass man bereits an einem Patch arbeite und diesen so bald wie möglich veröffentlichen möchte. Welche Änderungen der Patch mit sich bringen soll wurde auch geschrieben.

  • Added the ability to join directly into a friend's game off of the friend's list.
  • Added password protected custom games.
  • Drastically improved the weapon selection ring. You can now move while selecting weapons and the weapon selection is much faster and more accurate.
  • Slightly reduced the Famas accuracy.
  • Improved the damage of the Desert Eagle. One shot kill with light and medium armor.
  • Improved sniper rifle damage. One shot kills with bolt action rifles on light and medium armor.
  • Fixed a large number of level exploits.
  • Channel names are sorted alphabetically by default.
  • Reduced the long fade in at the beginning of rounds to less than 1 second (the "darkness" is gone).
  • Added a 30 second game start timer to games when greater than 60% of the players ready up.
  • Clan patches are now displayed on your character in-game.
  • Clan tags are now displayed with your player name in-game.
  • Added center markers to all scopes and changed the color of the crosshairs so that they are visible at night.
  • Kill cam stops following target after 5 seconds.
  • Button prompts in death cam fade out after 5 seconds.
  • Target Spotting now defaults to off.
  • Weapons selected in-game are not saved to your custom loadout.

Wann genau der Patch allerdings erscheint ist nicht klar.


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