Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries als Download Content?

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Wie man nun in der aktuellen Review zu Resident Evil 5 im Official Playstation Magazin lesen konnte, wird dem Spiel per Download ein neuer Modus hinzugefügt. Laut Gerüchten könnte es sich bei diesem Modus um den aus den alten Resident Evil Teilen bekannten "The Mercenaries" Modus handeln. Es könnte aber auch ein komplett neuer Modus sein. So können wir momentan nur auf weitere Infos warten.

If you haven't checked out the Official PlayStation Magazine this month, you may have missed the tidbit of information revealing downloadable content plans for Resident Evil 5. That's nothing to get too excited about just yet, however, since the game hasn't even hit store shelves. According to a quote within the Resident Evil 5 review though, gamers can expect this downloadable content to unlock a new gameplay mode.

This is something worthy of discussion as the last unique Resident Evil mode was Resident Evil 3's Mercenary Mode. Could Capcom be planning something as entertaining as that mode was? We hope so.

“The fun doesn’t end when you complete RE5’s main story-line,” the review reads. “We’re sworn to secrecy, but we’ve had a peek at an unlockable mode for forthcoming DLC, and it’s awesome.”

While this isn't much to go on for now, we've sent an email out to Capcom in hope of learning just a bit more.


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