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Need for Speed: Shift - Großer Patch steht an

Von Redaktion PlayNation - News vom 21.11.2009, 18:49 Uhr

Es ist längst bekannt, dass (anscheinend wegen Zeitdruck) Need for Speed: Shift die ein oder andere Macke hat. Nach dem Release wollen die Entwickler wohl die kleinen Schönheitsfehler wieder ausmerzen - Man sagt ja: Besser später als nie.

So erscheint der genannte Patch in Kürze und soll euch wieder ein optimales Spielerlebnis bieten. Im folgenden der Change-Log zu den so genannten "Fix'es".


  • Increased the maximum number of online players from 8 to 12


  • General game stability and performance improvements
  • Improved car handling
  • Fix for issue where some cars would bounce on their suspension during high load situations
  • Fix for grass sometimes being displayed out of position
  • Fix for intermittent incorrect driver duel results
  • Fix for inverted balance slider operation
  • Fix for online wins and losses occasionally being calculated incorrectly for drift races
  • Fixed issue where loaned career car would inherit the player's career car tuning settings
  • Fixed various usability issues with the advanced tuning screens
  • Fixed lap timing for first lap of rolling start events
  • Fixed car tuning settings sometimes not taking effect
  • Fix to prevent rewinding past the start of instant replays
  • Fixed car livery occasionally appearing all white during driver duel events
  • Fixed incorrect screens being shown when player is disqualified
  • Fix for occasional invisible opponents appearing during online drift events
  • Fix for intermittent hang when skipping quickly through post-race screens
  • Fix for intermittent hang when pressing X repeatedly in My Cars screen
  • Fix for missing race groove on point-to-point tracks
  • Prevented car livery resetting to default after an online race
  • Fix for advanced tuning not staying unlocked on reload
  • Fixed invitational event cars getting their setups corrupted and becoming undrivable (e.g. Veryon and Carrera GT)
  • Fix for Lamborghini's having a low top speed when upgraded
  • Fix for Corvette Z06 and Dodge Viper not able to move at the start of some events
  • Fix for some upgraded AI cars bottoming out causing some instability over bumps
  • Fix upgrade menu bug
  • Fix for a force feedback strength settings save bug
  • Fix multi-player settings for AI opponents and drift mode
  • Fix for vinyls being incorrectly applied on rear wing
  • Fix for a hang in lobby when accessing friend's list from car select
  • Fix for profile load bug which skips save select menu when holding down Enter key
  • Fix for jumping body parts when car resets


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