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MotorStorm: Pacific Rift - Diese Verbesserungen bringt er mit sich

Von Redaktion PlayNation - News vom 27.01.2009, 15:57 Uhr

Wie nun auf den offiziellen PlayStation Blog bekannt wurde, wird bald ein erster großer Patch zu MotorStorm: Pacific Rift erscheinen. Folgende Verbesserungen bringt er mit sich.


  • Restrictions to the copying of Saved Data have been removed. This will make it possible for Saved Data to be backed up and then restored to the User Account it was created under (whether that’s on the same PLAYSTATION 3 or not).*
  • Changes to the way the game handles data. These changes will help to prevent Saved Data corruption.
  • Visual notification of critical save progress has been added. A ‘MotorStorm Helmet’ icon will be displayed on-screen to warn users that critical data is being saved. This is in addition to the HDD Access light which currently flashes while the game makes a critical save.
  • The glitch which enables a player to exploit the Boost system has been removed. The development team are working to identify which times have been achieved using this glitch; Action will be taken to ensure that the Leaderboards become genuinely competitive again.
  • Time Attack times and Rank information will update correctly for all players. Any pending Time Attack times will begin to filter through systematically and the online Ranks should display correctly once the update is released.
  • Additional fixes and improvements to gameplay. Many thanks for your feedback on these and other issues so far; we are still investigating the other issues that have been brought to our attention.

Wann genau der neue Patch erscheinen soll steht bisher nicht fest. Sicher ist nur, dass sich die Arbeiten für den Patch bereits in der Endphase befinden.


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