Killzone 2 - Guerrilla Games enthüllt Killzone 2 Patch 1.20 Details

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KILL-ZONE.DE: Kaum erschien der erste Patch zu Killzone 2, so folgt zugleich der nächste. Denn Guerilla Games veröffentlicht die ersten Patch Details zur Version 1.20! Wir haben für euch das komplette Changelog in der Übersicht:

Game update version 1.20 contains the following fixes:

  • Stability issue regarding randomly named games has been resolved.
  • Stability issue where rapidly tapping (X) causes a crash on spawn-select has been resolved.
  • Stability issue regarding the Saboteur's disguise ability has been resolved.
  • Stability issue regarding game creation with a blank name has been resolved.
  • Stability issue with repeatedly entering/exiting game has been resolved.
  • Ignore list functionality has been corrected.
  • Unlocking of the "Front Runner" Medal has been fixed.
  • Incorrectly awarding victory to clans who don't show has been fixed.
  • Battle Replay for Corinth Crossing not appearing correctly on has been fixed.
  • Issue with not being able to defuse the Search and Destroy objective has been resolved.
  • HUD issue when playing as a Medic during Assassination mode has been corrected.
  • Controller input has been slightly tweaked and modified.
  • Exploit of shotgun auto-lock on has been fixed.
  • Issue with D-charges in Campaign mode has been fixed.

Please note: This game update does not add new features or functionality to the game.


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