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Karaoke Revolution - Singstar und Lips Konkurent?

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Euch haben schon Singstar für die Playstation 3 und Lips für die Xbox 360 gefallen? Dann passt jetzt mal ganz genau auf. Denn nun will auch Konami in das Karaokegeschäft einsteigen und so kündigten sie den Titel Karaoke Revolution an. Der Titel soll mit einem erweiterten Multiplayer-Modus und ganzen 50 neuen Hits daherkommen. Außerdem sollen die Mikrofone nun den genauen Gesang, die Tonhöhe und den Rhythmus erkennen. Desweiteren soll es an den Schauplätzen Echtzeit-Feedback geben, was euch wohl noch mehr einheizen soll.

Erscheinen soll das ganze im vierten Quartal dieses Jahres und natürlich werden dazu auch Mikrofone ausgeliefert.

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced Karaoke Revolution for Wii, Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION3. The newest title in the groundbreaking music series distinguishes itself in the market as it is the only karaoke game that will be available on all next gen platforms. Additionally, the game will let karaoke fans sing and compete against friends with expanded multiplayer modes, 50 all-new hit songs from master recordings, as well as 16 original customizable venues and newly enhanced customizable characters including facial and body morphing.

Transforming video game consoles into a high-end interactive karaoke machine, Karaoke Revolution’s expanded multiplayer modes allows players to throw karaoke parties with their friends where they can perform as teams or choose to play in the single player career mode. If you just want to hear your favorite songs in succession, create a playlist and whenever you’re ready to perform, pick up the microphone and jump in at anytime! Players can join together on a wide variety of contemporary hits and classic favorites from licensed master recordings. Additionally, those using either the Xbox 360 or the PS3 can utilize the co-op Party Mode with multiple game modes for up to 16 players or battle with or against each other in the ultimate competition.

Also new to this year’s version is the custom venue and custom character creators which allow singers to design and personalize their venues and characters in ways that will be guaranteed to catch the attention of the crowd. Karaoke Revolution also offers singers to almost create a virtual representation of themselves with the abundance of character customization and record themselves with the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera or the PLAYSTATION Eye to incorporate themselves right on screen inside their custom venues! Additionally, Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers can also select and download licensed master tracks, share exclusive venues and additional clothing and accessories.

Karaoke Revolution features a proprietary voice recognition technology which accurately recognizes and scores vocal pitch and rhythm. Real-time feedback is offered by the dynamic crowds that fill each virtual venue. The game comes packaged with a microphone for players to be ready to perform.

Karaoke Revolution will be released in the fourth quarter of 2009. For more information on the game, please visit: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc

Eine Menge Infos auf einmal. Warten wir einfach mal die ersten Videos und Tests ab und sehen was Konami von dem Versprochenen halten kann.


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