Heavy Rain - Lob für Playstation 3

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Wieder einmal äußerte sich der Entwickler David Cage von Quantic Dream zu der tollen Leistun der Playstation 3. Hier haben wir für euch sein Zitat:

“Whatever I answer, my answer will be suspicious… I think it had to be on PlayStation 3 for two main reasons: the hardware, the architecture of the PS3 is extremely powerful in the way it is structured. If you make a real PS3 engine, then you can have really fantastic performances. If you try to port from another platform, then it becomes difficult,”
“This is a console we all love at the studio. I play PSOne, PS2, it’s really a part of my culture. The controller is part of my home… and it’s a really, really powerful console.”

Eine erneute Lob-Aussprechnung seitens eines Entwicklers.


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