FIFA 09 - Was kann der Patch?

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Zum bisher erschienenen Fifa 09 soll kommende Woche ein Patch erscheinen, der folgende Neuerungen und Bugfixes mit sich bringt:

We are pleased to announce a game update for FIFA 09 on Xbox360 and PS3, hopefully arriving sometime next week. In line with community feedback, we have spent time improving the gameplay experience and addressed the following problems:

- Fixed side-stepping issue on lofted through balls
Fixing the issue where a player sidesteps when trying to control a lofted through ball instead of running straight onto it and controlling it, was a top priority for the EAC development team. We’re happy to say that the team at EAC has been able to fix this problem and it will be included in the game update.

- Improved advantage rule: fixed goals being called back for free kicks
There was a problem in the advantage rule whereby the referee would call back a goal if it was scored when the advantage was being played. Instead the referee would give a FK or a PK to the fouled player. This issue has been resolved in the game update. Goals that are going in when a foul is committed will count when they score.

- Improved number assigning in Manager Mode
When signing a player in Manager Mode the player now makes a more sensible decision, based on this position, on which number he would like, whereas previously he would always take the number 2.

- Allowed up to 8 user-controlled teams in Tournament Mode
After installing the game update it will be possible to play in Tournament Mode with up to 8 user-controlled teams. This gives the option to host bigger events with your friends to compete in offline-tournaments. Have fun!

- Removed ability to bring custom teams into Online ranked matches
Everybody has the option to transfer players in his favorite team and create his own custom dream team. This is an option we want to offer everybody to enjoy the feeling of creating own teams and play matches online or offline. When it comes to ranked competitive online matches we think only real teams should compete against each other to keep everybody’s chances even. So with the update it is no longer possible to enter a ranked match with a custom created team. You will still be able to upload your customized team online as in customized starting line-up with the existing players of that team’s roster

- Fixed Stadium 23.Maj lag issue
We fixed a major frame rate issue in 23.Maj stadium.

- Fixed join issue in Online Team Play Lobbies
A game hang issue occurred during search for available OTP game sections within the lobby rooms has been resolved.


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