Everquest 2 - Euro-Beta endet heute

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Wie Steve Danhuser, Community Manager bei Everquest 2, heute in einer Rundmail mitteilte werden die europäischen Beta-Server heute gegen 21 Uhr unserer Zeit (noon PST) heruntergefahren und alle Chars und Accounts gelöscht. Die Server werden dann für den Release vorbereitet. Am 8. November wird Everquest 2 in den USA released, am 11. November dann in Europa.

Steve bedankt sich noch mal ganz herzlich bei allen Betatestern für ihre Mitarbeit und Feedback.

Hier die Mail im Original:


On behalf of the entire EverQuest II team, I want to thank everyone who has
participated in our beta test over the last several months on the English, French,
and German-language servers. Your feedback has been immeasurably valuable throughout
the testing process by helping us find bugs and polish our gameplay. EverQuest II
wouldn\'t be what it is today without your involvement.

We\'re very excited that EverQuest II will be launching on November 8. In preparation
for the release of the game, our beta test will be concluding Saturday, November 6.
At noon PST, we will be shutting down the beta servers and deleting all characters
and items. Our official forums will be temporarily closing at the same time so that
we can restructure the boards and be ready for a fresh start when the game goes

EverQuest II will begin shipping to retailers in the US on Monday, November 8, with
dozens of servers awaiting the arrival of thousands of players into a brand new
world. The European versions of EverQuest II will begin shipping across Europe on
November 11, with French and German-language servers ready for play. At launch, all
our subscribers will have access to the core features of our new Station Players
website which allows you to track the progress of your characters, build a guild
website and message board, and interact with other members of the EverQuest II

We hope you enjoy your last hours in the EverQuest II beta. Though the testing
process has come to an end, your adventure in Norrath has only just begun.

Steve Danuser
Community Manager, EverQuest II


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