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Stratics hat einen Artikel sowie ein Video zum Asherons Call 2 Presse-Event in San Fransico online gestellt. Das Filmchen ist etwa 1:28 Minuten groß und fokussiert die kommende Erweiterung Legions. Laut dem Bericht von Ramen, war das Zusammentreffen eine tolle Sache für Asherons Call 2 Fans.

One of the things we were most proud of and excited to announce at this event was our pre-order bonus. There he stood, next to his fellow adventurers, ready to take his place amongst the free peoples of Dereth – the playable drudge. For those of you wondering why we haven’t announced the winners for the Skill-naming contest yet, well, it was because the winning skill name belonged to a Drudge skill! The Drudge exhibits the sense of humor that the AC franchise is known for in all it’s lovingly crafted glory. Wait till you see. Anyway, players who pre-order Legions will be able to create and play drudges right away. At a later date, a quest to unlock the race will be available, but this quest will have a pretty high level-requirement (60-ish). Personally, I plan to take the easy route and pre-order the bonus bundle - when it is available, which is not right now, but soon. You’ll be seeing more about the Drudge in the coming month.


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