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Asheron's Call 2 - Serverübernahme von Jolt

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Wie Turbine im offiziellen Asherons Call 2 Forum berichtet, werden die Euro-Server am 2. Dezember von Jolt übernommen. Der englische MMORPG-Spezialist soll frischen Wind ins Spiel bringen und Asherons Call 2 in unseren Gefilden supporten. Schon am 30. November werden alle Daten gesichert, am ersten Dezember wird es eine große "Farewell to Dublin" Party geben.

On November 30, the Abendgrau, Soleilcouche, and Dawnsong databases will be copied for migration to the new Jolt server farm. But instead of just shutting down the servers at this time, we thought it would be fun to go out in style! November 30th will be a special day-long "Farewell to Dublin" party, where you\'ll be able to do some things that you wouldn\'t normally be able to do on the retail worlds.

On December 1, the current European worlds will go down for good. Then, on December 2, your new Jolt worlds will open, with the version of your character records from before the "party" day.

Please note: On Farewell to Dublin day, regular customer service calls (such as those for help on quests) will not be addressed on the Dublin worlds (there\'s no reason to run quests as normal, as nothing you do on this day will be "permanent". Feel free to do so if you like, though) Anyone violating the Code of Conduct on this day will simply be banned for the remainder of the day, so behave yourselves or you\'ll miss out on the fun!

For additional information, check out the November 19th
Devchat on Warcry.
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