Ashen Empires - Interview mit Bill Money

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Die Jungs von HomeLan haben Bill Money, Mitgründer der Firma Iron Will ausgefragt. Erst kürzlich hat Iron Will die Lizenz von Ashen Empires erworben. Die vorherigen Anbieter TKO Software haben den Titel aus finanziellen Gründen abgegeben. Im Interview werden Übernahme und zukünftige Pläne fokussiert.

HomeLAN - How hard was it to establish a new game development studio?

Bill Money - It was extremely hard – much harder than I ever imagined it would be. The game industry in controlled largely by a few select publishers. If you aren’t under their umbrella, no one really wants to talk to you about an independent development deal. That’s one of the reasons we chose to take over operation of the Ashen Empires service. Ashen Empires was a known commodity to us. We knew that if we made the user base happy through game improvements and high quality service that they would stick by us. Having that user base will help us establish and grow our company. We also received support from friends of ours within the industry which has proven invaluable. Many people volunteered their time and expertise to help us get setup.

HomeLAN - Why did the team want to take over the operations of Ashen Empires?

Bill Money - Ashen Empires is a fun game – it doesn’t have the latest graphics or tech, but the gameplay is interesting and the community is very tightly knit. Several of us spent the last 2-3 years of our lives working on a game (Deus Ex:Invisible War) that stressed graphics over gameplay. Getting back to the point where we can make interesting gameplay and content changes without worrying about stringent technology hurdles is quite refreshing. Being able to test our ideas on live customers in real-time is also very interesting. We also realize, however, that this game isn’t for everyone. We aren’t trying to compete with EQ2 or WoW – people that want the latest and greatest aren’t going to be interested in us. We are trying to carve out a small market and keep those customers happy. We are good with that approach.


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