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Granado Espada Europe - Interview with Assosciate Producer Myra Widodo (English)

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Interview with Associate Producer Myra Widodo!

Hi Myra! Thanks for the Interview! Can you please introduce yourself?

 Myra Widodo: Hello, my name is Myra Widodo. I am the Associate Producer for Sword 2 and have been a part of the GamersFirst family for somewhere between 2-3 years. Players within our community and forums may also know me as Quinzel.

Can you give us an overview about Sword2?

Myra Widodo:
Sword 2 is our MMORTS/MMORPG hybrid title. The game's RTS/RPG features, Political PvP System, and beautiful graphics set it apart from other titles within the MMO and Free2Play markets.  If someone were to ask me what the point of this game is, I would boil it down to the following - exploring the New World, uniting with your friends, and dominating control over the New World.  This struggle for power and the lore behind it is one of the major aspects of the game that attracted me to produce Sword 2 in the first place. 

Here you have a long standing history of various Nations from the "Old World" battling over power.  That struggle for power, the politics, the drama, and the characters involved in that drama - all of those things carry over to the New World.  As a pioneer sent to the New World, you are caught in the middle of all of this!

Within the game lore, we have two major Factions - Royalists (those loyal to the Queen and fighting to preserve their power) and Republicans (those fighting against the old establishment and trying to gain their own freedom.) Many of the characters you meet throughout the game and many of the quests you will complete slowly reveal some of the stories, mysteries, and conflicts existing in the New World.

Often times, in video games we find the "story" to be somewhat lacking because there is a focus on game mechanics.  I feel with Sword 2, that the story has not been compromised.  There is a good balance between game-play and immersing the players into the world of Sword 2.




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