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Ryzom - Unser Interview mit Vianney Lecroart (ENG)

Von Redaktion PlayNation - Interview vom 18.11.2009 - 20:57 Uhr
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Bereits 2004 erschien mit Saga of Ryzom ein MMORPG der eher besonderen Art. Nach diversen Finanzproblemen und zwischenzeitlicher Abschaltung der Server, ist der Titel nun scheinbar wieder dauerhaft in sicherem Fahrwasser. Grund genug um den technischen Direktor Ryzoms, Vianney Lecroart, zur Gegenwart und Zukunft des Spiels zu befragen. Hier das Originalinterview auf Englisch.

Hello Vianney! Do you want to introduce yourself to our readers, what do you do in the team?

Vianney Lecroart: Hello, I'm Vianney Lecroart, a 34 years old French guy. I have been working in the game industry for more than 10 years and on Ryzom for more than 6 years. Basically, I'm the handyman, the supervisor, the one who takes all the technical decision and lay the plans for the future of Ryzom, but I also help everybody who needs help, fix problem that have to be fixed and make everything that the other team needs to work better and easier: In short I am the CTO (Technical Director) of Ryzom.

What exactly is Ryzom and how is it different to other MMORPGs?

Vianney Lecroart: Ryzom is very different from other MMORPGs, for example on the following points:

THE GRAPHICS: Realistic weather effects like lightning and wind blowing through the trees, extensive day/night cycle and seasonal changes, which all add to the role play experience of our players. There are many players that will simply sit for a while on a hilltop to observe the world around them.

THE AI: The Artificial Inteligence (AI) of our MMORPG really makes the world come alive. Herds will migrate with the seasons; herbivores will come up to you in curiosity or follow you around. Carnivores actively hunt their prey (both herbivores and players).

THE ACTIONS: Ryzom's "actions" are composed of building blocks called bricks or Stanzas. With these bricks a player has great freedom in the construction of his actions; The player can use different actions depending on the composition of his team; For example, a healer can change his HP/stamina heal spell to give more stamina if there are tanks that use up a lot of stamina in their actions.




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